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Great motorcyclists know the real joy that comes in enjoying a fitting helmet while riding a motorbike. I know everyone has at once experienced discomfort with helmets on. The solution begins with the Arai Corsair –X helmets, the leading helmet manufacturers over a series of over 30 years. In this case, I majored in focusing on the comfort and shapes of helmet making them the best cruiser motorcycle helmet brand around the globe. Just an icing on the cake they have various models to meet everyone’s taste and preference. What else would beat that?


  • The helmet has the VAS latch that safely holds the shield intact.
  • It comes with an Eco-Pure liner that is antibacterial meaning that its functions as a leveler of PH levels to that of the skin.
  • An outstanding feature is the IC Duct 5 which allows 11% air flow higher than the previous Delta Duct 5.
  • It will enable the helmet to glance off objects that come its way during an impact as the area around the temple is increased by 24 mm.
  • The Corsair –X has two levelers which release both the shield pin and the shield cover for a fast and removal of the shield with ease.
  • The shell of the helmet made out of synthetic fibers and different fiber.
  • Courtesy of the VAS Max Vision shield visibility has been improved not only during free rides but also races and all kind of conditions.


  • It has been approved by the department of transportation (D.O.T) and Snell 2015 an indicator that safety has a high rating.
  • Chin curtains were engineered to prevent the intrusion of great air that comes from beneath which may become agitating.
  • The inner parts remain covered with Eco-Pure linings which make it comfortable.
  • It has replaceable neck rolls that or incorporated with exhaust channels to release the heat that comes from within.
  • It has also been advanced for clear visibility courtesy of the aid of anti –flog Pinlock.
  • The weight of the helmet is not as heavy compared to other helmets since it is made up of synthetic fibers.
  • Its oval like shape is suited to fit with ease.
  • The shell can stretch due to the inner lining materials allowing a customized fit, despite that it has a latch that holds it well enough thus preventing opening.


  • The fact that it reduces noise it means that one cannot hear essential sounds such as sirens and beeps from other cars.
  • May also leak in water if the IC Duct is not fully locked.
  • It seems quite expensive as from our buyers, but the issue is not widespread

Customer Reviews and Ratings.

Generally, the air corsair –X has been rated to 4.7/5 which is a confirmation that this is the best cruiser helmet in the market right now. One of our esteemed customers pointed out also on issues of how best it can take off your skull testifying of his bad experiences with previous helmets. There are also complains that the design is seemingly dull, but the complaint is not widespread. There has also been great approval where comfort is a point of discussion.


In a nutshell, I can say yes that this is the best cruiser helmet you have been searching. The price might be a notch higher, but the features that come with it aren’t they worth the price? However, I advise one to be on the look for counterfeit goods. For longer life of your helmet, proper maintenance should remain prioritized. What features would one want from a helmet other than the magical air Corsair –X? To all those having issues with their current helmets, I would suggest that they rush and get one in our leading stores and outlets.

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