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Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets
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As much as I love motorcycling, the dangers that are always associated to this hobby cannot be dismissed. The best cruiser motorcycle helmets ensure that the dangers are prevented. Risk is inevitable and it is something that has to be taken more seriously. Motorcycling is a lifestyle that should be enjoyed with utmost protection. Your life is precious and you should take it more seriously. Having a helmet guarantees safety and it also contributes in increasing the rider’s confident while cruising on or even off the road. Motorcycling is magical in its own way. The riding odyssey gives you absolute freedom during the long journeys. It is, however, vital to have a cruiser motorcycle helmet before hitting the road.

List of Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets

  • AGV Pista GP R Carbon Anniversario Helmet
  • Shoei Neotec
  • AGV Sportmodular Carbon Helmet
  • Arai XD-4 Helmet
  • Shoei Hornet X2 Navigate Sports Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet
  • Shoei RF-1200 Incision Sports Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet
  • Arai Pro-Cruise Mimetic Adult Defiant
  • Arai Corsair-X Planet Red Motorcycle Helmet
  • Bell Moto-9 Flex Vice Helmet
  • Bell Race Star Ace Cafe Speed Check Helmet

AGV Pista GP R Carbon Anniversario Helmet

When looking for the best cruiser helmet then this is one of the options that you can settle for. The air vents are made of metal with a gold finish. The face shield is iridium gold. A hydration system has been integrated to the helmet. It is one of the innovative helmets produced by AGV.


  • Well designed, it turns heads every time you are wearing it
  • Prevents noise
  • Fits well and is comfortable as well
  • Well-padded thus making you feel cozy


  • It is a bit expensive

Shoei Neotec

Taking just a single simple look at this helmet one can notice that the build quality is just perfect. It has a unique flip up and it is extremely quiet as well. The inside has very thick padding just perfect for cruiser riders. The helmet has an internal visor that rotates unlike the other visors.


  • Top class ventilation
  • Flawless visor
  • The comfort provided by this helmet cannot just be compared to other helmets
  • High quality materials used in making the helmet


  • Heavier compared to other helmets
  • It is a bit pricy

AGV Sportmodular Carbon Helmet

Modular wearers here is the real deal for you. Made of carbon fiber, the helmet is extremely light making your ride the best experience. The helmet has a reversible liner that is two sided. Therefore, you are at an advantage of choosing the side that best suits your comfort. The chin bar is securely closed by metal hardware.


  • The interior fit is pressure-free
  • Maximum lightweight is guaranteed by the carbon fiber
  • Wind protector and nose guard are removable
  • Glasses friendly
  • DOT tested


  • Users feel that it is overprized

Arai XD-4 Helmet

The versatility of this helmet makes it just stand out. It is among the few helmets that have managed to achieve a safety rating from Snell. The comfort liner on the helmet is on another level and it guarantees maximum comfort to the users. The helmet is aerodynamic and has a floating peak that is removable. The interior is fully removable and it can be replaced as well.


  • Has technology that keeps the users cool, dry, and comfortable as well
  • Increased intake ports on the chin vent


  • The noise issue can be improved

Shoei Hornet X2 Navigate Sports Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet

Professional riders have given feedback regarding this product proving that it is one of the best helmets of its kind. Extensive testing of the helmet has also proved that the aerodynamic properties are just perfect. Riding at a high speed is not a problem since the air spoiler helps in minimizing neck pressure.


  • Comfortable liner
  • Perfect chin bar
  • You can still perfectly use your sunglasses
  • Beautifully made


  • The ventilation is disappointing thus making the helmet useless in warm weather
  • Changing the face shields can be difficult

Shoei RF-1200 Incision Sports Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet

This is the true definition of perfection. A slimmer design has been used in building this helmet and that has greatly contributed in making it very light. The slim design has greatly helped in easing the process of taking the helmet on or putting it off. The shell size can also be adjusted thus making the helmet perfect for all sizes of head.


  • Cut line that is distinct thus making it extremely light
  • Quiet riding experience due to the shield system that has been improved


  • The inner texture of fabric can be improved for more comfort

Arai Pro-Cruise Mimetic Adult Defiant

Arai has proved to be a reliable brand and it never disappoints. This is one of the high end perfect helmets available. Looking at this helmet makes you fall in love and that even gets better after trying it out. The comfort just feels unreal and the ears pockets are well designed for better communication. Has an anti-microbial Eco-Pure Liner. The aggressive chin spoiler integrated mostly supports an upright position of riding.


  • Capabilities for sun-blocking
  • The shell shape helps in energy management
  • Material is water repellant
  • Meets DOT’s standards


  • Fragile visor hinges
  • Noisy

Arai Corsair-X Planet Red Motorcycle Helmet

True to Arai’s innovation culture, the helmet has incorporated a number of technology advancements. Excellent visibility is provided by the VAS MAX face shield. Has a removable neck roll and has exhaust channels that help in removing heat from the interior. Has a pin lock insert that is clear. There is an emergency release feature at the cheek pads.


  • Removing the face shield is quick and simple as well
  • Chin vent is replaceable
  • Chin curtain makes the helmet quiet
  • Amazing visor system
  • Quality product and is worth the amount


  • None so far

Bell Moto-9 Flex Vice Helmet

The Bell Moto-9 Flex Vice Helmet is made of a carbon shell such that you cannot even feel the weight on your head. The ventilation system is velocity flow thus guaranteeing ample cooling. The silver liner is X-static. Has a three layer system that guarantees the maximum protection possible for the rider.


  • Perfect colors
  • Uniquely designed thus it stands out
  • Energy management is rotational thus allowing proper ventilation
  • The wear interior is extended for comfort
  • The chin bar is EPS lined and completely ventilated


  • None so far

Bell Race Star Ace Cafe Speed Check Helmet

Bell is one of the companies that has managed to keep supplying the industry with top class helmets every time and then. This innovative piece has a shell that is made of carbon and that explains the close to no weight. It is well optimized for the aggressive riders. Has a design that is race-bred.


  • The liner is flex impact
  • The profile shape is unique
  • Cheek pads have magnefusion capabilities
  • Comes with a helmet bag


  • Visor has issues
  • Shield has issues as well

How to clean a motorcycle helmet

The motorcycle helmet is very important. The best cruiser motorcycle helmets not only protect one in case of a crash but they also insulate the head, protect the face from bugs and debris while riding, keep you comfortable for years when riding in them. However, you have a part to play in ensuring that the helmet delivers perfectly. Keeping the helmet clean prevents it from turning into a mess.

Remove any external accessories and electronics.

This is a step that is very basic but many are the times when people overlook this step and end up ruining their accessories. The helmet peak should also be removed and separately washed.

Remove the interior

Manufacturers have designs that are a bit different and thus you should ensure that the interior, that is the cheek pads and the liner, are strategically removed. You should check the manufacturer’s manual on how to remove them in case you are not sure.

Prepare the outer shell

A microfiber towel should be soaked in warm water and then draped on the helmet and that helps in loosening the dirt that might have caked on the helmet. This is an effective step since it helps in making the cleaning process very easy.

Cleaning of the interior lining

The interior of the helmet is what requires most cleaning. Hair oil and face sweat among other types of dirt all clog on the interior. Fill warm water in a sink and then add some baby shampoo. Then dunk and massage each and every piece in the water. Baby shampoo is preferred in this case since it is very gentle thus it does not ruin the interior lining. The cheek pads and liner should then be air dried. Let them thoroughly dry before use. A wet helmet interior would completely ruin your riding experience.

Clean the helmet’s exterior

Remove the wet rag that had been draped over the helmet. Then take the face shield off and keep it aside. Using another wet micro fiber towel, work gently around the helmet’s exterior wiping away any dirt that might have remained. For perfect results always use warm water. Avoid using cleaning solutions and solvents since some of them can end up ruining the exterior of the helmet. A toothbrush can be useful in cleaning the spots that the towel cannot reach.

Blow the vents out

This step is not always necessary but it should be carried out if there is need. Sometimes the vents can be lodged with dirt thus requiring you to blow it off. That helps in clearing the pathways for free flow of air.

Cleaning the face shield

Most of the face shields that are modern designed have a kind of protective coating. Therefore, you should only use warm water when cleaning to avoid ruining the coating. The manufacturer’s manual can also come in handy since some of the face shields may require some specific cleaning instructions. Leaving a wet towel on the face shield also helps a lot in loosening the dirt that might be stuck.

Wipe the sun shield

Many are the times when the internal sunshield is not as dirty as the rest of the helmet. However, cleaning the sun shield with a wet towel is important since it removes any sort of dirt that might be available.

Reassembling the helmet

Begin with the cheek pads and the liner. Then concentrate on reattaching the face shield. Then attach all the pieces that were removed before starting the cleaning process.

Cleaning a motorcycle helmet is, therefore, very easy and it also helps in ensuring that the helmet is clean and well maintained. Having a clean helmet will always motivate you to hit the road but a dirty helmet discourages you from riding.

Apart from the motorcycle, there is a possibility that the helmet is among the expensive equipment that you have when riding. Therefore, that contributes in showing that the best cruiser motorcycle helmets are of great importance to you. Therefore, you should always ensure that the helmet is extremely clean when taking a ride and that ensures that the helmet works perfectly. Many are the times when the vents do not work properly just because they are clogged with dirt. Cleaning the helmet also gives the helmet long life and guarantees utmost comfort when riding. A responsible rider will always have a helmet on whenever they are on a motorcycle. The responsibility should be pushed a notch higher by ensuring that the helmet is always clean, and properly cleaned for that matter. These are the little things that contribute in showing the kind of personality that you have.

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