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Best Motorcycle Backpacks

Best Motorcycle Backpacks
Written by BENHAVAS

Hitting the road on a motorcycle has proved to be very fun and addicting. However, it has some disadvantages compared to using a car. The issue of storage space has proved to be a great issue when using a motorcycle. Having the best motorcycle backpack ensures that you are well sorted and that everything you can manage to carry all that you require for your travelling. It is evident that backpacks cove with various uses in your mind. However, a motorcycle backpack should be very comfortable, thus allowing you to dice through the traffic without much difficulty. There are bags that are specifically designed for riders and those are the bags you should go for. With the right backpack, it is also very easy for you to travel wherever you want to since you will always manage to carry all the essential gear that you might need on your journey. With all that in mind choosing just what you need has seemed to be an issue especially due to the fact that the options available put one at a dilemma of choosing. However, that should no longer be a problem since the review of the backpacks in this article can act as your guide in your choosing process.

Ogio No Drag Mach 3 Outdoor Active Backpack- Stealth

The backpack’s exterior is aerodynamic molded thus allowing extremely nice flow of air thus reducing the drag when you are riding. The backpack’s outer shell is resistant to water thus any sensitive electronics or your items cannot get wet when you are riding through a downpour. It has a graphic design that is minimalistic on the shell that gives the backpack a really nice look. There is a laptop compartment that is padded and a protective compartment that can hold a tablet. Personal devices also have padded compartments thus making the backpack’s storage very convenient. One bigger compartment has two pockets where you can put shoes and there is a leather strap for your helmet. There is a removable helmet. The shoulder straps are well padded.


  • Has a strap for your helmet
  • The shoulder straps are fully adjustable
  • Offers maximum comfort due to its ergonomic design
  • Has protective compartments for your items
  • Aerodynamic shell
  • Perfect organization panel
  • Lies comfortably at your back


  • Seems to sit low on the back thus can be uncomfortable, especially for small people.

OGIO Mach 5 Motorcycle Backpack

This is one of the backpacks that are well designed and very sleek that have hit the market recently. It has a custom design that greatly helps in preventing drag. The back foam is reinforced thus providing great flow of air between your back and the bag. That, therefore, makes this bag convenient for long rides. The straps at the shoulder are adjustable and very soft as well thus they cannot have any impact on your skin. The bag is very light in weight and has a number of compartments thus making it very convenient for storing your valuables. The exterior shell is weather resistant made of carbon weave design thus making the bag fully waterproof. Has a leather strap that lets you attach your bag with your helmet. The interiors are fleece lined.


  • Completely waterproof
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable and very comfortable as well
  • Has a helmet strap
  • The compartments are well divided for your valuables
  • Well designed and it is very sleek
  • Made of durable material
  • Well padded
  • The interior is well lined
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • Some straps are difficult to use

Alpinestars 25 Liter City Hunter Backpack

When hitting the road for a long ride on your motorcycle this is the bag to have. Lightweight nylon is used in making this backpack and the bottom is nylon reinforced as well. The bag can carry up to a volume of twenty five liters and has a lot of space. There are two external pockets that are waterproof and the entire bag is waterproof as well thus all your valuables are just safe even when riding through a heavy down pour. The straps can be adjusted. It has a compartment that is fleece lined and it can hold your laptop very well. The backpack also has a protective sleeve for your smartphone. Has an ergonomic design and is very comfortable.


  • Very spacious
  • Made of durable material
  • Easy to adjust to your preferred size
  • Has bottom and top straps thus it hold well in place
  • The bag is very attractive
  • It fits comfortably on your back
  • Straps are well padded
  • Water resistant thus keeping items dry


  • The design for the compartments can be improved
  • Not well organized
  • Has few compartments

Shoei Backpack 2.0

It is with no doubt that this backpack has a sleek look and has an aerodynamic design as well. That, therefore, contributes in ensuring that the drag is reduced when you are on the road. Just a simple look at this backpack might make one think that it is not spacious. However, the inner compartments are just enough for everything you need. The interiors are well padded and the straps are adjustable as well thus making it convenient for any preferred size. There is a detachable helmet holder at the bag’s bottom. The backpack weighs very less thus making it a perfect motorcycle backpack. The backpack also has a shield holder that is removable.


  • Interiors are well padded
  • Has a sleek look
  • Aerodynamically designed
  • Allows you to carry your helmet
  • Spacious
  • Made of durable material
  • Perfect quality
  • It fits perfectly


  • Not waterproof thus cannot be used when it is raining

Outdoor Cycling Bluetooth Mp3 Speaker Backpack Bag Stereo Music Amplifier

This motorcycle backpack has proved to be a come true dream for every motorcycle rider. It is a mobile amplifier and speaker that has Bluetooth and sub-woofer connectivity. Therefore, riders are at an advantage of listening to their favorite tunes while on those long rides. The bag also has some sort of swag and contributes in giving the rider that badass look. The bag is also multi-purpose thus it can also be used for various activities thus saving you the hustle of having a different backpack for every activity. EvA frame is used in making this backpack thus making it waterproof, shockproof, and resistant to pressure as well. The backpack has proved to give a lot of features compared to what other backpacks offer. The interior is well padded and the back is well reinforced as well. The backpack is very light in weight.


  • Allows you to charge your phone
  • Has Bluetooth capabilities
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Spacious
  • Well padded
  • Has a fancy look


  • Has limited compartments and that can limit one from carrying a lot of things
  • The shoulder straps are less sturdy and thin thus causing discomfort especially when one is riding for long

Viking Motorcycle Backpack

This is a backpack that is sturdy and durable, made from materials that are heavy duty. The construction featured is condura and has reflective piping that gives extra visibility when it is dark. The backpack has Duraflex buckles all through and they provide additional strength. This backpack saves you the hustle of having to use your hands to carry your helmet since it has a hood that is in built for the helmet. The compartments in the bag are also well planned for use on a daily basis. The padded compartment can hold a laptop or tablet and keep it dry and safe. The organizer is also conveniently designed thus storing small items is very easy with this backpack. It has adjustable straps thus making it convenient for whatever height, size, and width you prefer. The body is aerodynamic thus cannot affect the flow of your riding.


  • The organizer compartment is very convenient
  • Perfect aerodynamic body
  • Has a protective pocket for eyewear
  • Has a helmet hood
  • Straps are adjustable
  • Has a laptop compartment that is padded


  • It is heavier compared to other types of backpacks

Ogio Clutch Stealth Backpack

This backpack is well designed thus making it comfortable and easy to carry when planning to have one of those long rides on your motorcycle. The bag only comes in color black and it only has one size. It has a single huge volume and some compartments at the side where you can store some of your valuables. The back is seen to offer little protection from the rain despite the fact that it is not fully waterproof. The interior is very spacious but with limited compartments. Unzipping and zipping the compartments is easy for this backpack since the zipper pulls are aluminum. The straps are very adjustable for this backpack. The backpack is affordable and durable as well thus it will give you service for a long time.


  • Well padded
  • Very durable
  • Very spacious
  • The bag is adjustable thus it is convenient for any required size
  • It fits perfectly
  • Two laptops can fit in the backpack
  • The front strap ensures that the bag does not keep sliding sideways
  • It is very light in weight thus perfect for a motorcycle backpack


  • The compartments are very limited
  • Not fully waterproof

Seibertron Falcon Water Repellent Hiking Camping Backpack

This is one of the best motorcycle backpack and it can carry thirty seven liters thus making it just perfect for the adventure riders. It is about two times bigger compared to other backpacks thus making it very convenient when one has a lot to carry. The bag has two large compartments that are zippered and a huge Velcro pouch. Therefore, the largest laptop available can fit in this bag. A pair of boots can also perfectly fit in this backpack. The backpack is very popular due to the fact that it is very durable. It has incorporated military quality and design and that explains its durability. It is resistant to water thus ensuring that your items will always be dry. There is a strap for your helmet. The sides have additional straps for tightening the backpack.


  • The quality is military grade
  • Resistant to water
  • Has a cool look
  • Very durable
  • It is versatile thus it can be used for various activities
  • Breathable and well-padded shoulder straps


  • The straps are too many

Victoriatourist V6020 Expandable Laptop Backpack

Most riders prefer having to carry all that they might need before hitting the road. Then this is the backpack to use since it lets you carry just everything that you require. The backpack even expands thus the helmet can be carried in the net that is on the front. The backpack has a nice design thus it has a very nice look. This is also one of the backpacks that are very practical. There are two main pockets and there is a small pocket at the back main pocket and it can hold a laptop. The other main pocket is perfect for holding stuff that is bulky. The top has a small poach that can hold your wallet or phone. The front has a small pocket with pouches that can hold pencils and notepads among many other items. The side has a bottle holder. The bag also has a bottom pocket with a net that can be used to carry your helmet.


  • Has a lot of room
  • High quality backpack
  • It is very practical
  • The bag is comfortable


  • The backpack is very large thus cannot be used when one is carrying few things
  • The chest strap is clumsy

AXO 29101-05-000 Black Commuter Backpack

This is one of the heavy duty backpacks that are still stylish. It is made of nylon that is of high quality. The backpack is sturdy and the inside is soft and has a lot of room for your helmet or laptop or any other valuables that you might be carrying. The backpack has a lot of space and it can also hold some light grocery shopping. The backpack does not have compartments on the inside thus explaining why the bag is spacious. There are two side mesh pockets and a small pocket at the back. Almost everyone can use this bag since it has straps that are adjustable to any preferred size. The padded straps offer extreme comfort and the stress points have extra stitches thus reinforcing them. It is well made and light in weight.


  • The bag can hold your laptop
  • Straps are very adjustable
  • Has a lot of room
  • Very cheap


  • Does not have inner compartments thus it can be challenging to store valuable items
  • Does not last long since it starts tearing after some time.

All these backpacks are good for you and they will sure give you great service. However, you should always buy a backpack that will serve all your needs. Apart from giving you a good storage solution, motorcycle backpacks also play a huge role in ensuring that your items and back are well protected even in case of a crash. It is, therefore, one of the most important gear that you are required to have.

How to choose the best motorcycle backpack

Choosing a motorcycle is not just something that you should blindly do. Just like most of the other purchases that we make, buying the best motorcycle backpack requires you to give it a lot of personal thought. Choosing can be relatively difficult and quite easy as well. Therefore, many are the times when one finds themselves in a dilemma since they do not really know what to buy. Reading this article, however, makes the process extremely easy for you since it guides on what you have to consider when making your decision.


Choosing the appropriate motorcycle backpack will greatly rely on the backpack’s function. Despite the fact that you have to choose a bag that fits perfectly due to the fact that it is for biking, you have to ensure that the bag completely satisfies your needs. For example, a commuter bag should have compartments that are padded for your tablet or laptop and they also have organizers where you store your pens and other valuables. A road biking backpack, on the other hand should be very light in weight and it should be a hydration pack as well. Therefore, always consider your needs when choosing a motorcycle backpack.


The sizing is also a factor that should always be considered when buying a backpack. Riding a motorcycle requires you to be very comfortable, therefore, the bag should not be too big since it can rub on the back tire or even make you stay in a body position that is a bit awkward. Always look for a backpack that has expansion capabilities rather than those that leave a lot of space since the space can be stubborn when you are on the road. However, do not choose bags that are too tiny since you will end up leaving some important items.


Features make you decide on some of the things that you will have to compromise. Therefore, you end up choosing the features that you really need. The features that come with the backpacks vary from each other and thus one has to choose one with the features that will perfectly suit your needs. For example, you should choose a backpack that has a hydration pack if you are an adventurous rider.

Waterproof capability

This is one of the important factors that you should always consider when buying a backpack. To be on the safe side you should go for a backpack that is fully waterproof. That is because one cannot predict when it will rain. That also ensures that you can even ride through a heavy down pour while your items are still very intact and dry. Some backpacks also have a rain cover though its convenience cannot be compared to that of a complete waterproof backpack.


Let’s face it, having to buy a backpack every now and then can be a lot of work and frustrating as well. Therefore, having a backpack that is made of durable materials will sure serve you a long time. Always consider the backpack’s durability to ensure that it will last for a long time.

Looks and styling

There is no point in buying a backpack that does not look appealing to you. You should always go for a backpack that has a styling you like. Besides, we live in a world where style seems to be very important and no one wants to feel left behind. There are three styles that you can choose from. Backpacks with a rugged style can survive and handling and they can even survive falling off a cliff and still not get damaged. The urban style are quite simple and can come in a variety of colors. This style is mostly seen with riders in the city. Sleek style contributes in offering look that is very sophisticated and they also contribute in complementing your outfit. This style looks simple but also gives the rider some sort of class.

Always ensure that you take some time to research regarding the motorcycle backpack to use. Some people still do not know the features of the best motorcycle backpack and that can greatly contribute in making the choosing process a bit challenging. Therefore, if you are still not sure, taking a look at this comparative review of some of the best backpacks that are available and their features. It is our wish to be of help to you.


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