Best Motorcycle Batteries – Buyer’s Guide

Just a simple look at your home will make you realize that there are very many types of equipment that require batteries for them to operate. Therefore, batteries play a huge role in your daily life and thus you should always ensure to have the best batteries for them to operate properly. That is the case with motorcycles and they require having the best motorcycle batteries if you want your bike to give you good service. OR maybe one that will not blow off your motorcycle fuse!

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Batteries Reviews

Most people consider batteries to be just the same since they all have one role, to power up your motorcycles. However, that is not the case since batteries have very great differences. There are really good motorcycle batteries out there and there are bad batteries as well. We are here to help you choose the best motorcycle batteries and thus here is a list that you can use when making your decision regarding the motorcycle battery to buy.

Anti-Gravity Batteries AG-XP-1 Multifunction Power Supply and Jump Starter

Most riders opt for using this model since it is compact and very light in weight. It has a size that allows you to have proper probability. The lightweight also makes it very easy for you to carry this battery anywhere since the weight is not a burden. The battery has proved to be very versatile thus making it a good option for many riders.

HDX30L Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery

This is a battery that comes in handy to people with the Harley Davidson bike, which is one of the premium motorcycles on the market. This battery is of high quality and it greatly ensures that your bike will optimize its performance. It is permanently sealed and that makes the battery durable. It is also a replacement that is original for the Harley Davidson battery.

Odyssey PC680 Battery

This battery is a very good investment for every rider. It is a model that lasts way much longer compared to other models. Most models did not focus much on the charging time and thus one is required to wait for a long time to get their battery charged up. However, that is not the case with this battery since it recharges very fast thus it requires only a few hours for it to be fully charged.

Yuasa YTX14-BS Maintenance-Free Battery

Many people often choose this battery since it comes with a design that is sealed. The battery also comes ready to be used since it is usually precharged. The battery’s terminal is also heavy duty thus making it a good option. The discharge rate for this battery is also low thus the battery manages to keep the charge for a very long time thus it will give you good service.

BTL14A240C Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

The functionality and quality of this battery are guaranteed by the brand name. Battery Tender is one of the best battery manufacturers and many users really trust the brand thus that is a guarantee that this is a good battery. The battery is very light in weight thus making it very convenient for a motorcycle battery. Installing this battery is also very easy thus making it very convenient.

BC TX5L Lithium

The design of this battery is very innovative. The battery is very light in weight despite the fact that it is a lithium battery. The battery is also seen to be very environmentally friendly since it is not involved with any acids. The battery also takes a very short time for it to charge and it keeps the charge for a very long time and its performance is also on point.

Exide YB14L – A2

This is a brand that really tries to compete with Yuasa and it has managed to prove that it can produce quality batteries. This battery is of very good quality and the price is reasonable as well. The brand is well known thus guaranteeing that the product is good. The battery is also reliable and thus it will give you service for a very long time and it is easy to use as well.

Yuasa YTX-5L

Yuasa is considered to be the best brand in the production of motorcycle batteries and the company never disappoints since it has always produced high-quality batteries. It is a battery that is well designed but not as advanced as the other Yuasa batteries in the market. However, the battery is effective and it does its work very well.  However, the battery is only designed for specific motorcycles.

Varta YTX14-BS

This is among the sealed batteries thus it is completely leaking free. The model is of good quality thus it will give you proper service for a very long time. The battery comes when charged thus making it ready to use just after you buy it. The battery has a good design and its performance is excellent as well. It has incorporated AGM technology thus making it very easy to charge the battery.

Lucas YTX14BS

This is also one of the brands that are well known. The battery is very reliable and of very good quality. The design for this battery is very simple but it has been proven. Therefore, this battery will not be disappointing and it works for you just perfectly. The battery comes at a very cheap price thus making it easy for you to buy, especially if operating on a tight budget. The battery has proved to be very long lasting.

Every battery loses its power and thus it requires to be recharged every now and then for it to operate. Sometimes batteries come to their end thus they require to be replaced. Therefore, buying a motorcycle battery requires you to make very sober decisions regarding what you might be looking for and you have to ensure that you buy a motorcycle battery that will be fully functional and that will give you service for a long time.

How to Look For Best Motorcycle Battery

The fact that motorcycle batteries play a huge role in your riding experience tells you that you should never buy the batteries just blindly. You have to give it some personal thought for you to determine what you really need. When buying the best motorcycle battery, there are various things that you need to consider for you to end up buying nothing less than the best.


Convenience is one of the important things to consider. The maintenance that batteries require varies depending on the type of battery you have. Therefore, always ensure that you go for the batteries whose maintenance is convenient for you and thus trying to maintain them will not give you a hard time. Some batteries come with AGM design and these are some of the batteries that are seen to be very convenient since they do not require you to do a lot. It is evident that no one would want to have a battery that will always require you to use so much effort. Ensure that the battery is of good quality and thus you will not have to do much in terms of maintenance.


This is also among the most important factors that you should always look out for. First look at the requirements that your motorcycle has. Some batteries do not have universal compatibility and thus you have to use a battery that is compatible with your motorcycle. Focus on the specifications since they greatly help you in narrowing down the available options.

Power ratings

This is a very important technical detail and it gives a certain clue regarding how the battery will perform. Generally, a power rating that is higher is good. However, batteries that have a high rating are seen to be a bit expensive, especially if you are operating on a tight budget. That, however, does not mean that you should go for batteries with a low rating. Just make sure that the rating is just fine.


Most people tend to dismiss this factor every time. However, it is a very important factor, especially if you need just the right value for your money. Choose a battery whose warranty is extensive and that means that you will extensively enjoy support from your manufacturer. You should be in a position to take the battery back to the manufacturer if any problem arises and they should be entitled to help you.


This is one of the factors that is always taken for granted. However, it is one important factor that you should always consider. Taking a look at reviews helps in giving a clue of what to go for and some of the batteries that are not good. It will be very easy for you to make a decision after going through reviews from other buyers.

Final Thoughts 

Making a recommendation on motorcycle batteries can be useless due to the fact that some motorcycles require a specific battery and we are not aware of the motorcycle you have. However, it is all about the model and we want you to have the best model for your motorcycle battery. All the batteries listed above are some of the best and they have proved to be perfect. However, you have to be careful and ensure that the battery you choose is compatible with your motorcycle. The best motorcycle battery should be reliable and it should be efficient as well thus giving you proper service.

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