Best Motorcycle Boots – Buyer’s Guide

Motorcycle boots play a huge role in your riding experience. Your feet are used to shift and brake when you are on the road. The foot peg and boot contact also seems to come in handy in controlling the riding position. Your feet, therefore, have a huge role and thus you should keep them dry, comfortable, protected, well ventilated, and warm. That is where the best motorcycle boots come in since they provide all that.

A Review Guide on The Best Motorcycle Boots

Are you looking for motorcycle boots but still cannot manage to pin that exact pair that you really need? That happens most of the times, especially due to the many available options. However, this article thoroughly reviews some of the best motorcycle boots thus narrowing down your search. Therefore, reading this will give you some sort of idea regarding the motorcycle boots that you should buy thus making your search very easy.

Forma Adventure Off-Road

These are the motorcycle boots that will take you everywhere you want to go on your motorcycle. The boot combines leathers that are flexible and rigid at the same time thus making it very comfortable and beautiful when combined with a leather backpack. The curved sole and slight heel come in handy since they prevent the feet from slipping off the pegs. These boots are very durable thus they will give you service for a long time even when you wear them regularly.

Alpinestars SMX 3 SportBike

These boots allow you to walk around after you are done riding since they reach just above the ankle. The inside has a panelling that is built in and that greatly contributes to adding comfort. The heels and ankles have added armour for maximum protection. The boot’s exterior has proper venting that ensures that the flow of air is increased thus keeping your feet dry and cool.

The Dainese Nexus Boots

These are boots that have all the features that you would ever want in motorcycling boots. The back of these boots have Velcro and a zip and that makes them unique compared to other boots. This makes it easier for you to zip your boots and it also ensures that the boots will not catch your bike at any one point. These boots are very durable thus they can serve you for a very long time.

The Sidi Roarr Boots

Spidi has been operational for more than forty years and the brand has managed to produce some of the best motorcycle boots for on and off the road.  The boots are subtle, sturdy, and they have armour that keeps you protected and very comfortable when riding. They are well designed thus giving you some sort of style. Technomicro fibre is used on the upper part for increased protection.

Forma Hornet Boots

These boots from Forma are designed in a way that aims at giving maximum protection to the user. The boots have a Flex Control System that guarantees increased protection. The ankle can naturally bend, but with a limit. The boot has also incorporated plastic protection that prevents the feet from having a direct ground contact in case you slide. The sole is made of a material that has anti-shock capabilities.

The RST Tractech Evo Boots

These are boots that are well designed for the sports bike riders and they provide riders with all the protection that they might require. These boots are CE certified and that is a guarantee that they will keep you safe. The shin is TPU moulded and the boot is very light in weight thus does not make you uncomfortable in any way. These boots are also very durable.

Tour Master Epic Boots

These are the perfect boots for touring comfort. The boots keep your feet just perfect all through the day. The side zips are convenient thus making it easy for you to put on the shoes or even take them off. The boots are CE approved and they do not compromise on comfort or even fit. The insole is high density and it is anatomically designed as well.

Alpinestars Roam 2 WP Boots

These are among the best boots in the market and every rider should make a point of having them. They are fully waterproof thus convenient even when it is raining. The closures are adjustable thus you can adjust the boots according to your preferred fit. The ankle caps are dual density and the toe and heel counters ensure that the boot is rigid. The boot lasts long.

Cortech Accelerator XC Boots

These are boots that come in handy to riders that want all the features boots can offer but do not want to dig deep into their pockets. The leather on the upper side is fully waterproof. The membrane is breathable and waterproof thus ensuring that your feet are always dry and cool. The calf can expand thus making the boots fit various sizes of legs without a problem.

SIDI Deep Rain Boots

These SIDI boots are a hybrid and every rider should make a point of having them. They are designed in a way that gives maximum protection and comfort. The base is made of technomicro materials and the membrane is well designed to guarantee proper ventilation. The boot is also shock resistant in case you are in an accident. The level of comfort offered by these boots is out of this world.

We believe the review will be of great help to you. These are some of the best boots that are available in the market and with their features, you might be tempted to have two or more pairs. However, always ensure that the boots you buy are comfortable and thus will make your riding very smooth and efficient as well. Also, ensure that your boots can manage to withstand harsh conditions.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Boots

Comfort and fit are common and that is one of the things that we often consider when buying motorcycle boots. However, there are many things that people still do not know what they should consider in order to buy the best motorcycle boots online. Therefore, this article has compiled some of the things that are important when looking for motorcycle boots.

Calf Width

This is the boot’s circumference. You require boots that will fit well around the leg and hold the calf tight without having to cut your circulation off. Most riders prefer boots that have an inside that is elastic, and that comes in handy since it can stretch perfectly thus it can accommodate any thickness of clothing.


Some boots have a height that raises to your knee. Other boots just reach the ankle or are a bit higher than the ankle. More protection is guaranteed by taller boots in case of an accident. They also help in stabilizing your muscles and bones thus making you ride comfortably. Any leg areas that are exposed are when you are in low boots are at a risk of injuries in case of an accident.

Sole material

Most of the cheap boots have a rubber sole. However, exposing rubber to high temperatures can cause melting and it also breaks down very fast. Therefore, a Vibram sole has become very popular to most riders. This is a sole that is very reliable since it can manage to withstand temperatures that are very high and it is seen to last for a long time.

Heel height

People tend to think that the height of the heel is not important. However, a small heel height is important while riding. It gives your foot a good lifting and also ensures that the footrests well.

Material used

Most riders always prefer leather to other materials. That is because leather has proven to be a material that can withstand water, snow, and high winds. The untreated leather is used by most manufacturers since it is effective in absorbing odours and water. The other materials cannot match the service that leather gives you.


Most people do not consider the design of their boots. However, this is a factor that is quite important. We all want to look good and no one likes having something that is well designed. However, choose a design that looks good to you since everyone has their preferences. Having a good design on your boots ensures that you are not restricted to wear the boots only when riding.


Most motorcycle boots require you to slip them on and off without any difficulties. However, you have to ensure that the closure used will not be an inconvenience to you. Some people prefer having laces thus they can tighten the boots for them to fit comfortably.

Final Thoughts

Riding like a boss requires you to have the best motorcycle boots available. Some riders do not know the importance of motorcycle boots thus they do not invest in them. However, it beats logic that you are protecting your head, hands, and back but leaves your feet unprotected. Other than keeping your feet and legs protected, motorcycle boots enhance the riding experience since the feet play a huge role when riding. Therefore, you should take advantage of this boot’s review and make a fast decision regarding the boots you need. Safety and comfort should always come fast when riding and motorcycle boots guarantee just that!

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