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Best motorcycle helmet under $200

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? Well, the most critical high ranked safety item you can buy is a motorcycle helmet. You need to protect your head while riding a motorbike. However, buying a motorcycle helmet can be a daunting experience. This is because it is is an intimate and most critical riding gear. A good helmet must have an approved quality. Besides, it must be a fit for maximum protection. The difference between a quality motorcycle helmet and a cheap helmet is the same as the difference between life and death. Helmets come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Unlike in the past where you could only select the color, today it has changed. With the current technology, style and security are pushing the limits of helmet technology. When buying a motorcycle helmet, the price should not determine the best motorcycle helmet for you.  There are different prices in different companies; nevertheless, you can still get the Best motorcycle helmet under $200. Rates do not matter but the safety quality it will offer.


A motorcycle helmet is an essential safety gear for the head protection. Wearing a helmet does not only give you riding benefits but also offers a splendid experience. If you feel like your helmet is bothering, you should opt to get a good quality frivolous helmet. Concerning prices, you should go for the best motorcycle helmet under $200.Do not buy an expensive helmet thinking it is the best. Price is not a determinant of how good it is. Besides the price, a good motorcycle helmet has an outer cover of fiberglass. The fiberglass acts as a shell, which expands the polystyrene lining that offers to cushion.

Top Ten best motorcycle helmets under $200

  1. GDM Duke Helmets DK-346 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet (Matte Black, Large)


  1. Conquer Full Face Rally Racing Helmet Snell SA2015 FF RALLY
  2. Typhoon Helmets Snell SA2015 Approved Full Face Auto Racing Helmet
  3. Snell SA2015 Approved Full Face Auto Racing Helmet
  4. Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet (Solid Matte Black, Medium) (D.O.T.-Certified)
  5. Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Matte Black Full Face Helmet.
  6. CRG Sports ATV Motocross Motorcycle Scooter Full-Face Fiberglass Helmet DOT Certified ATV-1 – Parent (Large, Blue)
  7. GMAX unisex-adult full-face-helmet-style Helmet (Modular Street) (Black, Large)
  8. LS2 Helmets Breaker Bold Hi-Viz Yellow Graphic Unisex-Adult Full-Face-Helmet-Style Motorcycle Helmet (Black, XX-Large)
  9. LS2 Stream Solid Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield (White, Small)

GDM Duke Helmets DK-346 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet (Matte Black, Large)

This helmet is a handful. The size of this helmet is mainly based on fit. It is industry standard but In case you have your preferences, for instance, you want a tight or a loose one, you should indicate as you order.


It has a streamlined design to reduce wind destruction or noise

It has ventilation, which offers sufficient flow of air in and out of the helmet

It has EPS Impact Fascination Inner Liners

The cheek pads of the helmet are removable and washable.

It contains Stainless Steel

Double D-Rings Strap

It comes has a Flawless Visor and a FREE Burnt visor

The mechanism for releasing the visor is quick

The Dot certifies this helmet. (Non-removable graphic on the back)


It has a wide field of view

It is cheap and affordable

You do not need hardware to change the visor; you can do it by yourself.

It has a sturdy seal


The paint of this helmet can easily scratch

Conquer Full Face Rally Racing Helmet Snell SA2015 FF RALLY


This approved Open Face Rally Racing Helmet offers you protection as you compete

It is cheap and affordable

You can easily communicate with other team members. In addition, it gives a space to install a communication system.

It has a short visor with a sunscreen

It has ten vents for air circulation

The Snell for all racing relations approves it

It has Snap out cheek pad

It has light fiberglass shell constructions, which makes it light

It has fire retardant padded ion the inside.

It is approved by SNELL SA2015 and has a sticker on the inside.

it has a Drawstring bag


It is cheap and affordable

It has ten vents and therefore proper air circulation.

Clear vision

It offers full head protection


The only con on this helmet has little cheek pads.

Typhoon Helmets Snell SA2015 Approved Full Face Auto Racing Helmet

This is the best-rated motorcycle helmet. It is made of advanced polycarbonate complex shell, which offers a superb fit and comfort.


It has fire retardant pads on the inside, which are removable and washable.

It has both Channel vents and exhaust vents for proper flow of air

It has smell strikers under the liners n

It comes with a soft storage bag

It has Kevlar chinstrap with a D-ring attachment.

The helmet is rated Snell SA2015

It has Sculpted fiberglass complex shell

It is light in weight

It meets all the shell and dot standards


It is light in weight and therefore it is convenient and comfortable to put on while riding.

It is affordable

It allows proper circulation of air

It has a quality and permanent seal


The paint is not permanent and scratches out so you should not scratch or use sharp objects on it.

Snell SA2015 Approved Full Face Auto Racing Helmet


This helmet is for the big boys. Mostly is used in competitive automotive sports

It has clean, sleek pads on the inside.

It has vents for air circulation

It has light fiberglass complex shell construction

It has Fire retardant pads on the inside. The pads are removable and replicable.

It has about 3mm ant scratch and resilient flame shield with gash off post


It has an anti-scratch and therefore cannot be scratched regardless of what.

It offers full head protection

It is affordable

It is durable

Cannot scratch

The tinted shield is replicable, and therefore you can buy another one if you feel like yours is old.

You do not require a technician to replace the shield area, as it is very simple.

It allows precise vision while racing


It is used in racing only.

It is not adequate for street use.



Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet (Solid Matte Black, Medium) (D.O.T.-Certified)

This helmet is an aggressive technology. It is unique and utterly different from the others.


This helmet is light in weight.

It has Frivolous Polycarbonate or the ABS Shell Construction

It has a Click Release Shield that allows faster and easy tool-free shield replacement

The helmet has Nutria Fog has a great shelled with UV protectors

It cannot scratch and therefore it is anti-scratch.

It has removable and washable interior cheek pads with speaker’s pocket

The chinstraps are padded with D-ring closure to reduce and lower wind noise.


Offers full head protection

It comes in various colors and models

Its offer great vision as it does not reflect the sun.

It is durable and can never scratch.


It does not have a sufficient vent system and therefore not enough for a long distance riding.


Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Matte Black Full Face Helmet.


The helmet has light polycarbonate shell

The ventilation system is adjustable for cooling and comfort while riding.

It has adjustable wind collar pads that control wind and noise on the road.

The helmet has moisture wicking on the inside

It has a sleek addition to the Qualifier DLX lineup

Its cheek pads are contoured

It has chin curtain with a breath deflector

It has a clear and dark smoke face shield

It has speaker pockets on both sides

It has a NutraFog II superior anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV protected the shield.

The pad chinstraps have D-ring closure

It has an Anti-bacterial inner lining.

It has excellent communication ports that can connect to Bluetooth.


It offers full head protection

It is durable

The vent allows sufficient flow of air in.

The breath deflectors allow to comfortably breathing while riding.


It requires special care so as all the attachments can remain functional.



CRG Sports ATV Motocross Motorcycle Scooter Full-Face Fiberglass Helmet DOT Certified ATV-1 – Parent (Large, Blue)

This sports helmet does not operate in all-weather seasons. Men rather than women more appreciate it. It has a unique style at the eye port and visor mount.

It has removable COOLMAX comfort liners on the inner lining

It also has some padding on the inside to wicks up the sweat.

It has a ventilation system that looks minimal though it is excellent it has visors for protection agonist the sun.

It has ATV shell with burglars reinforced with plastic. This makes it be light

It is Scratch Resistant


It Offers full head protection

It is durable and cannot scratch easily

It allows clear vision on the road.

It lights to the extent that the riders feel like they have nothing on.


The ventilation system is not very powerful and may bring some discomfort on long distance riding.

It has no ant fogging treatment and therefore not convenient on the cold weather.



GMAX unisex-adult full-face-helmet-style Helmet (Modular Street) (Black, Large)


The DuPont Coloma keeps you dry and ensures you drive comfortably

It has a Lightweight shell made of Plastic Alloy

The inner flips have a sun tint lens and an anti-fog coating.

The inner flips have an operating system that raises and lowers to with a lever on the outer side of the helmet.

It has an anti-fog seal with a hard anti-scratch coat.’

It has a ventilation system where the vent directs air upward through the inner side of the shelled.

It has adjustable and replaceable Coloma interior

It has a multi-functional red LED light.

It has shield seals that low unwanted noises in the air

The eye port of this helmet is large to for clear vision

It has deluxe ear pockets for comfort and fit

It has inner speaker pockets for proper communication.


Cheap and affordable

It is durable

It cannot get scratches easily


The ear pockets and the inner speakers require proper maintenance.

LS2 Helmets Breaker Bold Hi-Viz Yellow Graphic Unisex-Adult Full-Face-Helmet-Style Motorcycle Helmet (Black, XX-Large)

This is helmet has a unique design that focuses on one thing, and that is functionality.  Engineers with riding passion use them more.  They are useful in sports or the streets.


It has a dual density EPS for ultimate protection

It has three shells

It has a wide eye port with a swift release shield system

It has an Aerodynamic shell with light and robust Kinetic Polymer Alloy.

It is ultra-high penetration resistance

It has a ventilation system that regulates the movement of air. In addition, it has additional vents at the chick region that are controlled by the simple slider switch.

It has a Fog Fighter shield for smog protection.

It has a scratch resistant matter. Therefore, it cannot scratch if you accidentally drop it.


Clear vision

Allows smooth circulation of air

It is cheap and affordable

It is durable

Offers full face protection


Maintenance cost is a bit higher

LS2 Stream Solid Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield (White, Small)

This is the coolest helmet on the market. It gives comfort and ensures you enjoy your ride.  The helmet reduces the chances of severe head injury in an accident.


It has chinstraps that are secure and easy to release

It has inbuilt twin shield system that protects you from the sun.  The shield reacts with a single flip of a switch.

It meets all the requirements of DOT (department of transportation)

The helmet features a dynamic ventilation flow.  The vents are adjustable intake ports.   The vents are on both sides for proper air supply.

It has breath reflectors and removable side pads

It is light in weight

The face region of the helmet is scratch resistant


It offers optimal protection for the entire head.

It offers comfort

It cannot get scratches easily.


It does not have mate finish for clearing the graphics


Wearing a helmet is among the most comfortable ways of protecting yourself while riding a motorcycle. Although a helmet is the tiniest part of the motorcycle gear, it is critical.  The prices of helmets vary from one type to another. However, you would not want a cheap helmet that has no effects.  You should get a helmet with the highest quality material, and that fits your ride. Nonetheless, a helmet must not be expensive; you can even get a good helmet with less than $200.  To get the best motorcycle helmet under $200 that fits your ride, you must understand the Factors that determine the helmets type. These factors include safety, visibility, Aerodynamics, weight, and material. Therefore, you must be aware of what you want.

Types of helmets

Full-face helmet

  • They have a clear acrylic visor, which allows optimal visibility while riding
  • These helmets are designed to protect the head and the entire face jaw.
  • It is slightly heavy as they offer full coverage protection.
  • It protects agonist all weather conditions like rain or sun. This is because they are adequately sealed.
  • It is quiet to ride as it consents you to tune out all the deafening sounds on the road.
  • It is well ventilated for adequate airflow.

Open face helmets

  • No eye protection. They do not protect the eyes, as they are open at the face. With this type of helmet, it is recommended to get a different eye protection gear.
  • Good visibility. This is the most beneficial thing about this helmet type. It has no eye obstruction, and therefore you can see as far as your eyes can when riding.
  • Faster and easier communication. With this helmet, it is effortless and quick to communicate as the mouth is free.
  • It has flip down shields that protect from the sun. These shields flippers up and down anytime. Besides, the guards offer extra protection regarding weather. However, they do not protect from rain.

Modular helmet

  • This is a hybrids helmet that has have offers includes varieties of open enface and full-face helmets. They are the best-rated motorcycle helmets on the market today.
  • It has a mobile chin bar, which is movable. The chin bares easy to operate, you just click the button and set it in the position you want.
  • Easy communication. The helmet has a face guard that flips up and down when needed thus making it easier for the rider to communicate while still riding.
  • It is light in weight. Compared to full-face helmets, the modular helmets are light since they have various contraptions.
  • These helmets are not sealed.

Half helmets

  • The half helmets are incredibly light in weight. Wiring one feels as if you have nothing. Therefore, it does not emit any pressure on the head
  • It is very light to carry young.
  • They offer superior visibility since its design is better than any other type of helmets.
  • They are wind resistance, and therefore you can ride peacefully on it.
  • The drawback of this helmet is that it does not offer any protection of the weather elements.

Off-road helmets

  • This type of helmets has some unique features for the riders in motocross or racing.
  • They have long noticeable visors that protect the rider from UV of the sun.
  • They offer chin protection through the chin portion. The chin portion is extra-long to protect the rider from debris and dirt alongside the road.
  • This helmet type has no face shield, and therefore the rider can see clearly.
  • They have ventilations to regulate the temperature inside the helmet.

With diverse options of helmet types, you need to research and get the best for you.  You must check the fit of the helmet. You do not want an oversized, as it will stress you while riding. Besides, before you buy, you should research on the safety standard of the type you want. The last thing to consider is the coverage. The coverage essential depends on the riding purpose.

Advantages of putting a helmet

It reduces wind noise

While riding a motorcycle, the wind can be so bothering even though the wind is not strong.   The higher you are riding speed, the louder the wind noise. Without a proper helmet, it can be disconcerting. A helmet covers your ears from noise and makes it possible to hear and listen to the surroundings.  This also helps to avoid an accident.

A helmet gives you a clear vision

A helmet visor is so effective and offers clear insight on the road. A quality helmet with visor helps to cut down the glare from reaching the eyes. This is comfortable while riding a motorcycle. Even on high beam lights of other vehicles going against you, you can see clearly with a helmet.  A clear vision on the road reduces the risk of accidents.

Face protection from harsh weather.

A helmet does not protect the head but also the entire face. In case there are rain or weather chills, a helmet protects you from rain and wind bites. It keeps the rain off as well as the freezing weather thereby enabling you to concentrate on your ride fully. Besides, a quality helmet protects your skin from harmful UV rays from the sun.  Therefore, if you have a pensive skin that you should always put on a helmet as you ride in the sun.

A helmet protects you from flying objects and dirt.

When riding a bike, flying objects like gravel, rocks, or twigs are dangerous when encountered while riding at speed. The flying object can harm your skin and eyes as well and so the vision. With the current rise in air pollution, chances of dirt getting into your eyes as you ride are very high. To be safe, you should put on a helmet.  You do not want to lose concentration while riding s it can cause an accident. Putting on a helmet ensures no flying objects can get into your eyes or distract you while riding.

Protection from head injury

According to the research, a severe head injury can occur while riding both at low or high speed. Death risk due to head injury is very high for riders riding without a helmet. Therefore, you should not ignore a helmet. A Helmet protects any head injury in case a two-wheeler accident occurs. It ensures your scalp or the eyes are safe. Besides a quality helmet provides clear vision and therefore in case you spot an accident ahead of you-you can escape it.


In conclusion, when it comes to a motorcycle safety the helmet you put on is a matter of life and death.  A mask protects your head from absorbing mechanical energy and any form of penetration.  The protective capacity and capacity of a helmet are altered by in high-energy impacts. Besides energy absorption, the volume and the weight are critical elements. High volume and weight of a helmet, increases the risks of the getting head and neck injuries.  Therefore, you need to be careful when getting buying one. However, you do have to for the most expensive. You can get the best motorcycle helmet under $200 that will serve you exemption ally.










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