Best Motorcycle Jackets – Buyer’s Guide

For sure being a motorcycle rider is a lifestyle on its own. Motorcycle riders know that riding requires a lot of things and having the right gear is paramount when hitting the road on that motorcycle. The best gear involves a lot of things and the best motorcycle jacket is among them. A motorcycle jacket should be considered to be a basic coverage when riding. I believe it is true that almost half of the men that ride motorcycles do it because of how cool the motorcycle jackets make them. The article compiles a review of some of the best motorcycle jackets that are available.

Types of Motorcycle Jackets

Die-hard motorcycle riders know that there are different types of motorcycles jackets. Choosing the style is all about your preference and how you want to rock your look. Every rider should aim at having a motorcycle jacket that is well protected. The styles differ according to the material used in making them. I know many of you have been wondering about the best motorcycle jackets to invest in and that is why this detailed article gives you various options to choose from.

Best Motorcycle Jackets

                                                                                                                                                                                The different types of motorcycle jackets give riders different looks and it is all up to the rider to the decision on which type to buy. It is evident that at times it is difficult for riders to make the decision regarding the type to go for. Well, who said you cannot have a taste of all the types thus reviewing them to know the best? That would be one of the ways to know the best type. However, reading this article is an easy way to know the different type and the best options available in the market. The types are leather, textile, mesh, and adventure.

1. Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Lest be honest, despite having safety as a first priority when riding a motorcycle, every rider also wants to have that badass look when on that motorcycle. Leather jackets have proved to be just the best for that since their level of being cool cannot just be matched. Many riders have confessed that leather has a way of boosting their attitude and confidence as well.


leather motorcycle jacket


Since leather is one of the materials that are very common, finding the best leather motorcycle jacket can be overwhelming for riders. However, we got you sorted and you do not have to worry much regarding the leather jacket to pick.

  1. Dainese Super Speed D1 Leather Jacket

Every rider has to try this jacket. It is very sleek and turns heads every time you pass. It is designed using D skin that is 2.0 leather. The protectors are CE rated, thus guaranteeing complete protection to the users. The jacket is designed in a way that it can match with some of the pants produced by Dainese. The inserts are micro elastic elasticated thus making the jacket very comfortable. The chest and the back have air vents thus improving ventilation.  It has an internal pocket and two pockets on the exterior. The side and chest have air inserts. The shoulder has aluminium inserts.

  • Designed in a unique way
  • Very protective
  • Has waist adjustments thus making the jacket convenient
  • Very comfortable
  • Very beautiful and stylish
  • It fits just perfect
  • It comes in many colours thus riders are at an advantage of choosing
  • Can be very hot during the warm weather

2. Alpinestars GP Tech Leather Jacket

When it comes to full upper protection, none can match the Alpinestars GP Tech Leather Jacket. This is a jacket made of full-grain leather. The polyamide used in this product is heavy duty as well. The shoulder bio armour and the elbow protectors are CE certified and they are removable as well. The jacket is just comfortable and it makes one curse for not buying it early enough. The jacket has an inner wallet pocket that is waterproof. It is evident that Alpinestars has got your back in every way possible. The compartments for the chest pads are well padded thus making the jacket just perfect for your safety.

  • The jacket is race proven
  • Has a connection zipper that helps in attaching to the brand’s pants
  • Adjustable Waist
  • Fits perfectly and is very comfortable
  • Has a windproof liner that is long sleeve
  • Resistant leather
  • None

3. Dainese Fighter Perforated Leather Jacket

Maximum protection is all the rider should worry about before hitting the road.  Dainese Fighter Perforated Leather Jacket offers protection to the maximum. The inserts are thermoformed and seamless thus guaranteeing complete protection. The thermal liner interior is removable and it is also made of non-feel liner that is antimicrobial. The perforation is just on another level and it guarantees just enough ventilation for the rider. The shoulders and the elbows have a composite protector that are CE certified. This jacket should be a must have for every rider since it offers top protection when on the wheels.

  • Elasticated inserts
  • Soft seamless inserts
  • Has a fastening system for jacket and pants
  • Adequate air vents thus guaranteeing top ventilation
  • Adjustable Waist
  • Has perfect features thus making it just worth the amount one spends on this jacket
  • None so far

2. Textile Motorcycle Jackets

Have you ever experienced a ride that completely ruined your day? I’m sure that experience probably demotivated you from hitting the road again. That mostly happens when there is a heavy downpour and you are riding in a jacket that is just not perfect for that type of weather. Having the best textile motorcycle jacket can contribute to changing that experience.


Textile Motorcycle Jackets

                                                                                                                                                                                The textile jacket is versatile in nature, and that should be the default choice in almost all types of weather. These jackets also guarantee full protection in case of a crash and as we all know, safety should always come first.

  1. Klim Kodiak Jacket

It is with no doubt that Klim has continuously produced some of the best motorcycle jackets available. The Kodiak jacket by Klim has a very thick skin and that comes in handy, especially in the harsh climates. The laminate construction of the jacket just makes you ready for whatever type of weather that you might end up encountering. This product’s fitting is just amazing thus making it the best choice for very many riders. The jackets are temperature stable thus making it very convenient. It has been engineered with utility and maximum protection and you should definitely try it out.

  • Keeps you dry
  • The elbows and shoulders have perforated leather
  • The branding is tonally muted
  • Perfect ventilation
  • The jacket is quite expensive

2. Klim Badlands Jacket

You should try this jacket the next time you are riding. The jacket has combined all the recent designs, material and fit technologies that are available. The jacket achieves a performance that is ultimate ADV. It aims at providing a comfortable and sleek fit thus adding flavour to your riding experience. It is believed that most comfortable fabrics are not durable. However, that is not the case with this jacket since the fabrics used to make it have proved to last long. The jacket has managed to effectively cover all the needs that riders have while on the road.

  • Top fit and comfort
  • Has a port for headphone access
  • The cuff material is resistant to wear
  • Perfect venting
  1. Pockets not well designed for travellers

3. Klim Revener Jacket

It is evident that Klim has proved to be among the best producer of textile jackets. Ravener is just perfect for making your riding experience enjoyable. This jacket is all about style and protection. The ventilation available in the jacket is on another level thus making the jacket very comfortable. This is a high standard jacket that is fully functional and fashionable as well. It has brand accents that are metallic. The shoulders and elbows provide protection on a CE level. The jacket has magnet closures that are hidden all over. The jacket is very low key.

  • Very warm and offers maximum protection
  • Riders are at an advantage of choosing their preferred colour since it comes in various colours
  • It is quite pricey

3. Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

Mesh jackets have not been in the industry for a long time. However, its introduction to the industry came in handy and it has become very common and popular as well. Many reviews regarding this type of motorcycle jackets say that it should be the jackets that one should rock when riding during the hot summers. Leather jackets have proved to be a nuisance during the hot weather, but then that should not prevent you from protecting yourself with the right gear.


Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

                                                                                                                                                                                The airflow in these jackets cannot be matched to other types. Ensure to have one or two best mesh motorcycle jackets for riding through that scorching sun.

  1. Dainese MIG Jacket

For maximum mesh airflow then this is the jacket to buy. The jacket meets leather’s slide protection thus making it very safe for you when on the road. It perfectly succeeds in blending two materials thus making it the best jacket for the summer weather. It is a hybrid of textile and leather and it is designed in a very seamless design. Shoulders are secured with aluminium inserts for maximum protection. The jacket is also armed with pockets for optional protectors thus making it even more secure for every rider. The jacket looks sporty and it has a very lightweight.

  • Has a fastening system for the jacket and pants
  • Adjustable Waist
  • The windproof liner is removable
  • Made of perforated fabric
  • The back protector sits very low

2. Klim Induction Jacket

The Klim Induction Jacket is a mesh jacket for the summer. Kilm is popular for its rugged, tough, and legendary jackets that they produce. However, the brand has always been keen on the breathability of their jackets to ensure that they can be used even when it is extremely hot. The jacket has a mesh construction thus guaranteeing maximum protection. The construction technology is also advanced for this jacket. The mesh liner is very breathable thus providing ample ventilation. The soft collar is fleece-lined. The elbows and shoulders are resistant to abrasion thus making the jacket durable.

  • Reliable jacket
  • Perfect even when it is rainy
  • Sizing is just perfect
  • The comfort is on another level
  • The belt loops are a bit complicated

3. Olympia Airglide 5 Jacket

This is the jacket that was made for you to ride every time regardless of the weather. The jacket works just perfect in humid, hot, wet, and cool weathers. Therefore, this jacket saves you the hustle of having to buy a jacket for every type of weather. The ballistic mesh in the jacket makes it resistant to abrasion. The liner is two layer thus offering breathable and waterproof elements to the rider. The versatility of the rain layer makes it possible for it to be worn under or even over the jacket. The rain layer can be worn by itself.

  • Removable armour that is CE certified as well
  • Cool lining for perfect airflow
  • The waist, elbow, cuff, and collar have detailing that is custom fit
  • None

4. Adventure Motorcycle Jackets

For those off-roading or in a motocross or even preparing for a ride that is seriously long, then an adventure jacket is what you need since it suits the needs that one has while on an adventure. Despite wanting to have a protection that is CE certified, most riders secretly want to maintain that badass look even when they are on an adventure and these jackets do just that.


                                                                                                                                                                                The best adventure motorcycle jackets are well armoured, comfortable, and their storage space is in plenty. The jacket has an easy way of transitioning between different rough terrain types and still maintain your swag. The compilation, therefore, acts as a guide on the best adventure jackets available.

  1. Alpinestars Valparaiso Drystar Jacket

Adventure is life and having the best jacket when on adventure makes the experience even better. The Alpinestars Valparaiso Drystar Jacket is a durable and robust jacket thus making it ideal for touring regardless of the weather. It has a drystar membrane that is breathable and waterproof as well. Its comfort levels are superb and that is a result of the JVS air intakes. The protection of the elbow and shoulder is top class, ergonomic, and CE certified. The critical areas are made of a material that is resistant to tear and abrasion thus making it long lasting.


  • Made of materials that are long lasting
  • Favours all types of weather
  • The jacket is versatile
  • The thermal inserts are just perfect


  • Uncomfortable rain liner

2. Olympia Dakar 2 Jacket

The appetite for adventure never dies and for you to satisfy this adventure this is the jacket to buy. The jacket has an outer shell that is unique and durable. It has a system consisting of three layers that make the jacket versatile for all weather conditions. The elbow and shoulder armour are CE approved and removable as well. The collar is neoprene framed thus making it very comfortable. The detailing is custom fit for the waist, elbows, cuffs, and collar. The pants have a connecting zipper. Has many storage pockets.


  • Adequate storage pockets
  • Perfect airflow lining
  • Riders are at an advantage of choosing from the many colours that are available
  • Has three layers


  • Getting the snap open is a hustle

3. Joe Rocket Ballistic Adventure Touring Jacket

This is the ultimate adventure jacket you should use when on adventure riding. Adventures can be very long and tiring, therefore, the experience could be very frustrating without a comfortable jacket. The jacket is among the best adjustable jackets thus making it very convenient for your comfort. The shoulders and elbows are well reinforced with ballistic nylon. The back is extended and has zip gussets thus ensuring that it will fit just perfectly. The water shell is water resistant thus the rain should not prevent you from advancing your adventure.


  • The material is high quality thus making the jacket durable
  • The airflow And ventilation is extreme
  • The storage space is adequate
  • Water resistant
  • Very comfortable


  • None so far

All motorcycle styles are just perfect for your riding. Your preference, however, plays a huge role when making your decision regarding the style to choose. Most people like maintaining a badass look while still being protective. However, always ensure that you make the right choice to guarantee maximum protection and comfort. However, jackets are not all about fashion and you should always ensure that your needs come first. Jackets have been seen to provide riders with some sort of confidence while on the road.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Jacket

Choosing the best motorcycle jacket is as important as making a choice regarding the right person you would like to spend your remaining life with. No one likes being stuck with the wrong things or people. The struggle is therefore real since you have to end up having just the best.

The article, therefore, makes it very easy for you since it helps you understand some of the things you should always consider when buying motorcycle jackets.


The quality should always be a priority. Each material is known to have some pros and cons as well. However, knowing your needs guides you on the quality material to choose. For example, casual riders prefer having textile jackets since they are more comfortable compared to other jackets. Therefore, your needs should always guide you on the material to take.


Black has been seen to be the first choice for riders when they are choosing their riding gear. However, it is also evident that riding in a black jacket at night can be pretty dangerous. Therefore, you should consider choosing brighter colours, for example, white and orange if you are to ride during the night.


People using motorcycles for the first time tend to believe that motorcycle jackets are designed for males only. However, that is not the case since motorcycle jackets are designed with armour on the shoulders and elbows. Jackets that are more expensive also have armour that protects the chest and the spine. There is rigid and flexible armour. Flexible armour has been seen to be more comfortable compared to rigid armour but then it is not as protective as rigid armour.


Riding requires a lot of comforts and thus having a comfortable jacket is paramount. Do not go for jackets that are too tight and always ensure that the jacket has the right fit. Most jackets have a waist that is adjustable and that is just right since it gives you the opportunity to adjust the waist according to your comfort preference.


Considering the weather is also important when buying a motorcycle jacket. Some jackets can be perfect during the summer but be very disappointing during winter. Therefore, always ensure that the jacket you are buying will work best for the weather you will be riding in. The market is also seen to have motorcycle jackets that can be used for all weathers and that could be a good option if you are riding through all the seasons.

Final Thoughts

Having a top quality jacket should be the goal that every rider should have, regardless of their riding style. A fantastic investment in motorcycling requires you to have the best motorcycle jacket for your protection. Choosing the perfect jacket can be frustrating and thus this article is all about informing you of the best motorcycle jackets and some of the things that you should consider when buying a motorcycle jacket. We are here to improve your riding experience by giving all the information that you might require.

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