Best Snowboarding Helmets – Buyer’s Guide

Most people consider helmets to be some sort of baggage when snowboarding but thanks to technology advancements you can now invest in some of the best snowboarding helmets on the market. Snowboarding is a hobby that gets you all excited. You think about a lot of things when you start this hobby but many are the times when people forget to think about wearing a helmet until they had experienced an accident.

Most options have a number of great features despite the fact that they are pocket-friendly as well. It is, therefore, vital for you to have a good helmet.

Recommended Best Snowboarding Helmets 

  • Giro Seam
  • Anon Striker
  • Smith Optics Aspect
  • Anon Blitz
  • Shred Slam-Cap Warm Slash
  • K2 Diversion
  • POC Receptor Bug
  • Giro Range
  • Giro Nine Mips
  • Smith Holt

Giro Seam

For years, Giro has been one of the huge snowboarding helmet producers and it is with no doubt that the helmets are just the best and pocket-friendly as well. The padding is anti-bacterial and X-static as well. Has twelve vents for proper air circulation. The helmet fits very comfortably with goggles for that cool look.


  • Adjusting is easy
  • Very light in weight
  • The design is just perfect
  • Very comfortable
  • Well ventilated
  • Comes in a variety of colors thus users have the opportunity to choose


  • None so far

Anon Striker

The helmet’s construction is endure-shell and thus it guarantees extra protection for the users. The design specifically contributes to encouraging ventilation thus it is very comfortable regardless of the weather. The helmet has a fleece liner that keeps the user warm and comfortable as well, after all, we live in a world where comfort is most sought. The helmet comes in handy whether you are an experienced rider or you are just beginning to learn.


  • The ventilation system is advanced
  • The construction is durable
  • The design can endure tear and wear for long


  • The quality of the ear covers should be improved

Smith Optics Aspect

For those who love colors then this is the helmet to go for since it comes in a variety of colors. From the reviews on this helmet, it is evident that customers have not been disappointed by the product. The venting options are adjustable thus preventing stuffiness or even sweating. The padded interior also contributes to making the helmet comfortable.


  • Has 14 vents and it only requires a switch to close or open them
  • The air flow is just perfect
  • Feels very comfortable
  • Very pocket-friendly


  • Runs a bit small

Anon Blitz

It is with no doubt that Anon makes some of the best snowboarding helmets on the market. The construction is endure-shell thus making the helmet very safe. Controlling the ventilation system is very easy thus making the helmet very convenient to use. Fleece lining does a great job in making the interior comfortable and the ears are well protected as well.


  • Compatible with audio
  • The vents are adjustable
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Very comfortable
  • Made of durable material
  • Easy to control
  • Very pocket-friendly


  • Lacks size adjustments

Shred Slam-Cap Warm Slash

With the advancement of technology, this helmet has been secured with modern technology upgrades for shock thus giving maximum protection to the users. The helmet has a snug fit thus making it very comfortable. Made of durable materials that can withstand accidents. The helmet has technology that identifies emergency and this feature contributes in making this helmet popular and unique as well.


  • Durable and sturdy as well
  • Has a switch that helps in controlling the slots for ventilation
  • Advanced technology
  • Comfortable
  • Offers maximum protection to the users


  • None so far

K2 Diversion

Most people that have used this helmet give it a five-star review and that explains why the helmet is so popular. The helmet has a very diverse style thus making it stand out. It comes in color black and grey giving the opportunity to choose the right color. It has a matrix feature for ventilation thus making it very easy to control.


  • Compatible with a mobile phone
  • The ventilation system is just perfect
  • Stylish thus bringing out a cool look
  • Made of durable material
  • Fits comfortably


  • A quality upgrade is required for the speakers

POC Receptor Bug

The helmet is designed in a way that provides maximum protection to the users in case of an accident. The helmet looks fashionable and stylish as well. The helmet is sturdy and lasts for a very long time. Serious injuries cannot be sustained when using this helmet since the construction is of materials that are strong.


  • It is compatible with the communication bundle by Dr. Dre
  • The ventilation system is just perfect
  • The ear pads and neck roll are removable
  • Brings out that cool look


  • It runs a bit small

Giro Range

One of the best snowboarding helmets on the market and you do not have to break the bank for you to acquire this rare piece of beauty. One can record their adventure without difficulties since the helmet has a mount for a camera. Has a perfect system of ventilation. The helmet is fully anti-fog.


  • Has a camera mount thus making the helmet convenient
  • Perfect ventilation
  • Stylish thus bringing out a cool look for the users
  • Well designed and very comfortable as well
  • Has incorporated new technology


  • The helmet is a bit narrow

Giro Nine Mips

The fit system for this helmet is in form and it has a vertical tuning. It works perfectly well with Giro’s audio system. The helmet has stack ventilation. The venting is adjustable with thermostat controls. One of the cheapest options that are available so the price should not be an excuse for not having one. Works perfectly well with Giro goggles.


  • The internal height can be adjusted thus ensuring that the helmet fits all shapes of heads
  • The helmet is low profile
  • Very pocket-friendly
  • Perfect ventilation control


  • Ear pad’s padding can be improved

Smith Holt

The construction design for this helmet aims at withstanding huge impacts thus one cannot sustain major injuries in case of an accident. The helmet has fourteen vents that are adjustable thus making the helmet’s ventilation just perfect. The ventilation system ensures that the helmet does not fog. The helmet is made of strong materials and lasts for a very long time. Very pocket-friendly thus making it easy to acquire.


  • The quality is decent
  • Fits comfortably
  • One of the helmets that are easy to afford in the market


  • The padding is a bit thick
  • A bit heavy

Advantages of Using a Snowboarding Helmet

Best Snowboarding Helmets

Research has shown that snowboarding is not as risky since in case of an accident there are low chances of sustaining injuries that are major. It amazes me that some people relate to this research for not having a helmet when snowboarding. Since when did people take chances with their lives? Taking life seriously requires one to have one of the best snowboarding helmets when enjoying this hobby. Snowboarding helmets have proved to have a number of benefits and thus a helmet is a must-have.


Accidents are prone to happen when snowboarding and they can result in injuries. Whether serious or not the injuries could still be prevented had one used a helmet. Collisions are very common when snowboarding and thus one should always ensure that they are always safe.


Comforts cannot be compared to woolly hats. The woolly hats are seen to itch and thus greatly contributes to making the boarding experience a bit uncomfortable and unbearable as well. You should ensure that you enjoy the experience to your maximum by doing away with the woolly hats and securing one of the best snowboarding helmets listed above.

Enhancing Looks and the Experience

It is evident that once you try out the helmets that are available you will end up cursing the hats you have been using. Helmets are now coming with new designs and features as well. They contribute to enhancing the boarding experience and they bring out that cool look for the users. It feels really good boarding while listening to your favourite tunes without any difficulties. That is a moment to live for and can only be achieved when you are using a snowboarding helmet. It is evident that we all love the class and the helmets are doing a perfect job of making you look classy when boarding.

In Summary

With the many options that are in the market, ensure that you secure the best snowboarding helmets for your hobby. People have always thought that helmets are expensive and thus they forego their safety since they do not want to spend a little buck for the helmet. You should, therefore, not consider snowboarding if you cannot even keep safe. However, the article helps a lot in showing some of the best helmets that one can choose from and also give more information regarding the importance of the helmets. The first thing to do after reading this article should be ordering for a good helmet. Let your safety be your first priority.

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