Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves – Buyer’s Guide

Riders have been seen to improvise gloves for the winter season. However, that has not been of much help since the improvised gloves do not do any justice during the winter season. Finding the best winter motorcycle gloves is not as hard as many people consider it to be. Cold fingers while riding are bad news since controlling your motorcycle becomes very difficult and the riding experience becomes very uncomfortable due to the pain. They’re also some motorcycle fanatics who like matching the gloves with the helmet or even the jacket, are you one? then this review is for you.

Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves Unleashed

Many are the times when it is the winter season and riders are not well prepared for the season thus they do not have the right gear for their riding. That becomes worse when they do not know where to start in looking for the best winter motorcycle gloves since they do not know the best options in the market. However, we are here to make things easier for you by giving you a review of some of the best gloves available.

Dainese Tempest D-Dry Long Gloves

These are among the best winter gloves that you will find in the market. The elasticated fabric comes in handy in ensuring that the gloves give a comfortable fit. The gloves are CE certified thus confirming that they will provide the needed protection. The fingertips are smart touch refined thus making the gloves very convenient for riding through the winter. The gloves are durable as well.

Klim Fusion Gloves

These gloves are completely insulated thus you will manage to keep your hands dry all through your riding. Outseam construction has been used in designing the gloves and that ensures that the gloves are very comfortable. The gloves can be used even when it is warm thus they save you the hustle of having to buy a pair for every season. The gloves are made from durable materials.

Alpinestars Apex Drystar Gloves

Most winter riders consider these gloves to be their favourite due to the level of comfort, warmth, and protection that they provide. 100g thermal insulation has been added behind the gloves waterproof membrane thus making the gloves well insulated and waterproof as well. The leather is strategically incorporated into the impact zones and the foam padding is well done thus ensuring that protection is improved in case of a crash.

Alpinestars Storm Gore-Tex Gloves

The mix of design and technology in this gloves is very appealing. Thinsulate insulation and Gore-Tex membrane work very well in keeping your hands warm. The outer shell is made of nylon and it is waterproof thus your hands will remain dry no matter what. The gloves are well padded thus you are well protected. They are flexible thus making it easy for you to put them on and off.

Harley-Davidson Cold Weather Gauntlet Gloves

These are completely made of premium leather that is drum dried. The heavy dusty Thinsulate is 150g thus ensuring that your hands will remain warm all through your riding. They also have an aqua-tex lining that is water repellant just in case some water gets past the thick leather. That, therefore, shows that the gloves are completely resistant to water thus keeping your hands dry.

Olympia Ultima 1 Gloves

After putting this gloves on, the first thing you feel is the cowhide that is drum dried. They also have an insert of aqua-tex that is breathable and waterproof as well. Therefore, you will have a good flow of air through your hands and they will remain dry all through your riding. The padding at the knuckles is well done thus ensuring increased protection in case you crash

Joe Rocket Rocket Burner Heated Motorcycle Gloves

They have a three-stage setting for heat. The setting produces different heat levels and it works for around four hours each time and the gloves can be charged up. The wrist features are full flex thus allowing you to move your wrists without any difficulties. The fingers are pre-curved and the cuff closure is adjustable thus you can adjust to your desired fit.

Gerbing Men’s T5 Heated Hybrid Gloves

These are one of the hybrid gloves available. They have a battery power of 12 volts. The motorcycle engine can help in powering up the gloves battery. The surface is comfortable and the hands stay warm for around ten hours after the battery has been charged. The inside is soft thus making the gloves very comfortable. The gloves do not allow the building up of moisture.

Volt Motorcycle Heated Gloves

These gloves come in five sizes and they are made of leather. As soon as you plug the gloves in the motorcycle’s power, the battery starts heating up your gloves. They have three settings of heat and you can use buttons to guide you. The cuff is fully adjustable thus you are at an advantage of adjusting to your desired fit. The gloves are very light in weight.

VentureHeat 12V Heated Carbon Fiber Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves

These gloves have a body that is waterproof and the knuckles are made of carbon fibre thus adding protection without having to add much weight. The heating zones are well placed thus ensuring that the heat will move all around your hand without any difficulties. The gloves have a control for temperature and that helps in ensuring that you control the heat to prevent it from being too hot. The gloves are very light in weight and completely waterproof.

The compiled list should give you a clue of some of the gloves to buy. There is no harm in choosing one of the reviewed products since they are among the best in the market. Therefore, there is no excuse for not having the best gloves when riding during the winter. You should make a point of being well prepared and ensuring that you are warm and well protected when riding during the winter.

How to Select For Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Die-hard riders really love being outdoors on their motorcycles regardless of what season it is. However, at times keeping warm during the winters can be a great challenge. Therefore, having the right gear gets you where you want to be. The best winter motorcycle gloves are part of the right gear. There are a few factors that you should consider to ensure that you get just the best.

Windproof capabilities

You should look for gloves that are capable of blocking that wind. Most winter gloves have inserts that ensure that the gloves are resistant to wind. That will take you a long way since your hands will remain very warm all through your journey.

Waterproof capabilities

Waterproof gloves come in handy when you are riding since they let you ride while still maintaining dry hands. Ensure that the inner membrane is also waterproof to prevent your gloves from leaking.

Materials used

Textile materials have proved to be more water repellant compared to leather materials. Textile materials also dry very fast compared to leather. However, leather gives more protection in case of an accident. Therefore, always make a wise decision regarding the material you want for your winter gloves.


Gloves that are thick are very warm due to the fact that the insulating material is more. However, they might compromise how you feel when you are controlling your motorcycle. Therefore, before buying always ensure that the gloves have a nice feel and they can easily operate the controls of your bike. Fingers that are pre curved have proved to give a good fit when controlling.


Winter gloves that are well insulated help in preventing wind chill and they also help in trapping the heat that might be leaving the hands thus ensuring that the hands remain very dry and warm regardless of how cold the weather might be.

Wrist fastenings and cuff enclosures

Cuffs should always be comfortable and the gloves should fit appropriately. A wrist fastening that is effective is very important since it ensures that the gloves will always remain intact even when you crash.


Protection should always be the first thing you think about when buying gloves. Accidents happen every now and then and you have to ensure that you are well protected in case that happens. Look for winter gloves that have an interior that is well padded. That will ensure that your hands are well protected. Also, ensure that the knuckles are well reinforced thus guaranteeing maximum protection.

Final Thoughts

Cold fingers become numb, painful, and very stiff. Therefore, riding becomes very difficult since breaking and controlling the motorcycle is not easy when the hands are in pain. You should make a point of having the best winter motorcycle gloves during that cold season. You lose nothing by having the right gloves for the winter season rather it ensures that your riding experience does not get inconvenienced by the cold weather. Reading this article acts as a guide for you since it gives more insight regarding the winter gloves and you also manage to learn some of the best options that are available.

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