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Enhancing the Riding Experience with the Best Motorcycle Gloves

Riding a motorcycle has proved to be an exciting experience through which the rider gets the opportunity to have a perfect view of nature. Fun as they are, motorcycles are a potential hazard for the riders thus one has to ensure they have the appropriate gear before hopping on a motorcycle. Having the best motorcycle gloves are among the protective gear required. The gloves do not only protect the riders in case of a crash but they also come in handy in helping riders whose hands are sweaty. Due to the critical importance of the gloves, looking for a good pair is paramount. The market is flooded with a lot of motorcycle gloves, and that has made it difficult for the riders to make the right selection. However, that will no longer be an issue for riders since we are here to give more insight regarding motorcycle gloves and some of the best options that are available in the market.

Buying gloves requires the consideration of various factors thus you should not blindly buy any gloves that you come across. Do the gloves have a proper fitting? Despite the fact that gloves are expected to be tight, ensure that they have a comfortable fit on your hand. The finger feel should also be a consideration. The best motorcycle gloves will always have a nice feel. While looking for the best motorcycle gloves, the features available should be considered to ensure that you achieve the desired gloves. The construction is a consideration factor thus riders should decide on the kind of material they require for their gloves.

List of Best Motorcycle Gloves

  • BMW Genuine Motorcycle Motorrad Rallye gloves
  • Alpinestars Celer Men’s Leather Motorbike Gloves
  • Fox Head Men’s Bomber Gloves
  • Cortech Latigo 2 RR
  • Alpinestars SPX Air Carbon Gloves
  • Dainese C2 MIG Unisex Gloves
  • Alpinestars SMX 2 Air Carbon v2 Gloves
  • Fox Head Dirtpaw Glove
  • Icon Pursuit Perforated Gloves
  • Alpinestars SP 5 Gloves

BMW Genuine Motorcycle Motorrad Rallye gloves

Despite the fact that there is a variety of gloves in the market, riders never get tired of looking for summer gloves. The BMW Genuine Motorcycle Motorrad Rallye gloves have proved to be the best gloves for the summer period. The gloves also come in handy for users riding off the road. These gloves are long lasting made from kangaroo leather that has a good stretch. There is padding and foam and the hands back thus making the gloves just perfect for protection. The market has the gloves for around $89 thus riders do not have to dig deep into their pockets for these gloves.


  • Removing and wearing is easy
  • Proper ventilation
  • Made from material that can stretch
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Only seems to be effective during the summer period
  • Should have a variety of chambers

Alpinestars Celer Men’s Leather Motorbike Gloves

As fun as racing can be, accidents can be experienced every now and then. Therefore, protection should always be paramount when riding a motorcycle. The Alpinestars Celer Men’s Leather Motorbike Gloves are all about safety and that helps in boosting the rider’s confidence. The gloves have a unique design and that helps in bringing out the rider to be stylish. The gloves are made from materials that are durable as well. These gloves are also pocket friendly since you can buy them with as low as $99.


  • Innovative and unique design
  • Proper ventilation
  • Easy closure
  • Have a touchscreen fingertip that is compatible
  • They are flexible
  • Durable
  • Offers sufficient protection to the riders
  • Bring out that classy look


  • Can only be used for racing thus making it impossible for other riders to buy them

Fox Head Men’s Bomber Gloves

These gloves help in proving that motorcycle gloves can be just simple without that cool look. Their design is unique and they are very strong as well. They offer just the right amount of protection since their design helps in forming a plate that is polycarbonate ballistic. They are comfortable for the riders and thus they come in handy during long distance rides. They have a body that is mainly leather and that ensures that abrasions are properly handled. The gloves are low budget and they are available in the market at a prize of between $39 and $131.


  • Have appropriate ventilation and can be used during all types of weather
  • Their quality is high
  • Guarantee rider’s protection
  • Availability of creative technology for knuckle protection


  • The finishing is considered to be a bit off
  • Lack pre-contouring

Cortech Latigo 2 RR

Street and speed bike lovers are all over and these are the gloves to go for since they are safe and they also guarantee en experience that is full of fun. These gloves are comfortable and they always keep the hands dry. These gloves come in a variety of colors thus giving the riders the opportunity to choose their desired colors. They offer protection is improved due to the leather that has a double layer and a padding that is rubberized. These gloves guarantee the rider’s comfort. With $89 any rider can buy these gloves in the market.


  • Improved protection for the palm
  • The rubberized padding offers just the right amount of protection
  • Are comfortable
  • They last long due to the quality materials


  • Their fit is a little loose compared to other gloves
  • The functionality lacks touch screen capabilities

Alpinestars SPX Air Carbon Gloves

The Alpinestars SPX Air Carbon Gloves are just the perfect short-cuff gloves for riding. They have the capability of beating the heat thus making them very comfortable for users. Their features guarantee sufficient safety for the riders. They have been innovatively structured due to the incorporation of polymer and carbon compound protection. The gloves have been entirely optimized to be used in warm weather.  The gloves are pocket friendly since they are available in the market at around $99.


  • Very comfortable, especially during the warm weather
  • The stretch inserts are strategically positioned thus making the gloves fit very well
  • They are durable since they are from materials that are resistant to tears
  • The finger construction is pre-curved thus minimizing any fatigue


  • The Velcro in the gloves can make the fingers frayed thus making the riding experience a bit challenging

Dainese C2 MIG Unisex Gloves

Many are the times when riders complain that they cannot find any comfortable short-cuff gloves in the market. However, trying out the Dainese C2 MIG Unisex Gloves will completely change your riding experience. The gloves are made from cowhide that is resistant and synthetic suede is used to reinforce the palms. They guarantee safety due to the inserts of polyurethane at the knuckles. With $89 you are just ready to get yourself this pair of gloves.


  • The wrists are adjustable thus making the gloves very convenient for riders
  • The fingers are pre-curved for comfort
  • Made of materials that are durable
  • Are of good quality
  • Very safe
  • Perfect padding


  • Straps require a little improvement
  • The stitch at the interior’s base can be uncomfortable thus making the riding experience a bit challenging
  • The inside material peels off

Alpinestars SMX 2 Air Carbon v2 Gloves

Riding is an experience that can only be fun when you have the best gloves. The Alpinestars SMX 2 Air Carbon v2 Gloves have proved to be just the best. The knuckle has carbon that is streamlined and its aesthetic is sleek as well thus providing maximum comfort. The gloves have TPR inserts that are highly vented and the wrist closure has TRP reinforcement thus guaranteeing proper protection for the riders. Every rider should have these gloves for around $79.


  • Made of material that is durable
  • The inserts are positioned strategically
  • Good quality
  • Compatible with touchscreen
  • Stretches well thus guaranteeing comfort and flexibility as well
  • The construction of the fingers is pre curved
  • Affordable


  • Come in large sizes thus people with small hands cannot use these gloves
  • The fabric has been seen to peel

Fox Head Dirtpaw Glove

Fox has proved to have some of the best gloves in the market. The Fox Head Dirtpaw Glove is a pair that comes in handy when racing or even riding. The gloves are designed in a way that makes the riders very comfortable. These are the gloves to use when dirt riding or when riding off the road. The palm construction is well padded. The outer fabric is well perforated to ensure that easy grips can be achieved. The gloves are available in the market for only $58.


  • Provides maximum comfort to the riders
  • Guarantees rider’s protection
  • Come at a very low price thus making it possible for every rider to have a pair
  • Properly designed
  • Made from durable materials


  • Not well ventilated thus making it difficult for riders to use them when it is extremely hot
  • Not the best choice for adventures

Icon Pursuit Perforated Gloves

Who doesn’t just love having some sort of class? Class is even better when it comes in at a cheap price. With $69, every rider can achieve that cool look by buying the Icon Pursuit Perforated Gloves. The gloves seem to be refined compared to other gloves. They are super sleek and due to the perforated construction of sheepskin leather. The construction also guarantees for maximum ventilation thus making the gloves useful for all types of weather.


  • Have a perfect fit
  • Made of goatskin leather thus making them very durable
  • The knuckle armor is well integrated for proper protection
  • The wrist closure is well secured
  • Have room for expansion thus making flexibility possible
  • They come at a very cheap prize


  • The leather is seen to be super thin thus making riders worried
  • Can be a bit uncomfortable

Alpinestars SP 5 Gloves

Sport riding in the summer has proved to be a great luxurious adventure. The Alpinestars SP 5 Gloves greatly contribute to the adventure, especially due to their lightweight feature. They have a knuckle that is well vented and the fingers have touchscreen capability. The gloves are made from synthetic leather that is high performance and pure goatskin. The gloves are pocket friendly since they are available in the market for only $94.


  • The finger construction has been pre curved thus preventing fatigue
  • Made from durable material
  • Perfect performance
  • Allows for perfect stretching
  • Are resistant to abrasions
  • Have proper padding thus guaranteeing the safety of the riders
  • Have touchscreen capability
  • It is light weight thus making the experience easy and convenient as well
  • They are affordable despite the fact that they have a lot of features


  • Ventilation should be improved

Types of Motorcycle Gloves

Just like everything else in the market today, the manufacturers of motorcycle gloves have specialized in producing various types of motorcycle gloves. That has been of great help to the riders since they are at an advantage of choosing just the specific gloves that satisfy their desired designs and features as well. The different types also come in handy since their uses differ from each other. Having a better understanding of the different types of gloves is important since it ensures that riders can make the right decision regarding the best motorcycle gloves for different riding experiences.

Fingerless Gloves

  • The fingers are left bare
  • Only protects the palms
  • Most riders prefer these gloves since they tend to give a cool look for the riders.
  • Some riders also like having their fingers free when riding
  • However, fingers are delicate yet they are not well protected in case of an injury
  • Most people believe that using fingerless gloves to be just like having no gloves at all
  • These gloves are, however, preferred by few riders since they are seen to provide minimal protection to the riders.

Gauntlet Gloves

  • These are gloves that have many reinforcements, especially on the knuckles
  • Many people consider these gloves to be their favorite since they have a comfortable fit and they are protective as well
  • The wrist and palm have extra leather thus providing maximum protection
  • These gloves only cover half of the forearm thus the name gauntlet gloves
  • They make the riders confident while riding since their wrist is protected as well
  • One of the best types in the market

Off-Road Motorcycle Gloves

  • These gloves are mostly used dirt riding and trail riding as well
  • They give the riders the chance to spend quality time riding in mud and dirt
  • Most of the gloves in these type are made from textiles that are man made
  • The gloves in this type are very comfortable and they are well ventilated thus giving the riders a smooth experience while riding

Summer Cruising Gloves

  • Motorcycle road trips during the summer have become common in the recent years
  • These kinds of gloves are perfect during the summer since they are comfortable for writers during the warm season
  • They also prevents hands from sweating thus making the riding experience comfortable
  • Most of the gloves in this type are lightweight thus increasing the rider’s comfort
  • They make riding in the summer fun

Race Gloves

  • Racing requires the riders to be at a high speed and thus the race gloves come in handy in protecting the riders
  • The race gloves are made from materials that are high end and the manufacturers invest a lot in these gloves
  • They are designed to provide maximum protection to the riders
  • They have additional armor and they protect the forearm as well
  • They are made to be as comfortable for the riders as possible

Spring Motorcycle Gloves

  • These are gloves that come in handy for riders during the cold and mild weather conditions
  • They are not as lightweight as the other different types of gloves but they are not so heavy as well thus they are very comfortable for riders
  • Their insulation is minimal
  • The gloves are well ventilated thus guaranteeing maximum protection for the riders and they are made from good materials as well

When making a choice on the type of gloves to buy, the rider should always consider the riding style and the type of weather among many other factors. That is paramount since it ensures that riders buy just any type of gloves they come across and end up disappointed. The right information regarding the types of motorcycle gloves for riders gives the riders an easy time while deciding and choosing their riding gloves.

Advantages of Putting Gloves

Many people consider motorcycle riding to be a luxurious sport that does not require putting various safety measures into consideration. As luxurious as motorcycle riding is, riders should always put their safety fast by ensuring that they have the best motorcycle gloves for their protection. The advantages of using motorcycle gloves gives more insight to the riders regarding their safety.


Comfort should not be foregone if you need to have a fun riding experience. Having motorcycle gloves, therefore, guarantees maximum convenience for the riders since their riding experience is comfortable and the gloves also contribute in increasing the riders’ confidence when on the road.


Motorcycle accidents can be dangerous thus causing serious injuries on the hands. However, motorcycle gloves always guarantee for the protection of the riders since they do not get hurt in case of a crash. Falls are common for riders and it is impossible to predict the falls. Therefore, riders should always ensure that their hands are well secured with motorcycle gloves.

Prevents Numbness

Hands might end up getting numb, especially if you ride for a long distance. That might make you uncomfortable and also make the riding experience a bit challenging. The use of gloves ensures that the rider can feel their hands for them to appropriately operate the motorcycle. Padded gloves come in handy in this case since they ensure that the hands are well protected from getting numb while riding.

Provide Warmth

It is no doubt that everyone hates having cold hands. That is even serious for motorcycle riders, especially due to the fact that they ride in cold weather conditions at times. Motorcycle gloves are one of the best ways through which riders can keep their hands warm, especially during the winter period. With warm hands it is easy for riders to have better control of their motorcycle all through the ride since they are able to feel their hands appropriately. The ventilation feature in the gloves ensure that the warmth can be regulated according to the weather thus maximizing the rider’s comfort.

Better Grip

Riding a motorcycle is not all fun and the experience can be a challenge at times. The handlebars can end up being slippery and wet thus putting the rider at a risk of losing control. The gloves, therefore, come in handy in such a case since they always ensure that one has the right grip of the handlebars.

Making decisions when there is a lot on the table always ends up being frustrating. That is the case with the motorcycle gloves. That is because the market has many different motorcycle gloves to offer thus making the riders have a hard time trying to decide the best motorcycle gloves to buy. However, going through this article makes the choosing process very easy, educative and fun as well. The article gives more insight regarding various motorcycle gloves and what they entail thus giving the riders the opportunity of choosing just the right gloves to satisfy their needs and improve their riding experience as well.

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