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Safeguarding the Lives of Riders with the Best Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are now a necessity and a legal requirement when riding a motorcycle. Other than being a protective gear, motorcycle helmets are rare pieces of beauty. They come in all sizes, shapes and quality. There has been the development of better helmets that are crafted out of anti-UV light material and fiber. They are better protected and their service life is longer compared to those made of polycarbonate. Motorcycle helmets have been in the market for the longest time. However, they have been evolving with the advancement of new and better helmets. Motorcycle riders are always at a high risk of getting involved in traffic accidents. Therefore, the motorcycle helmets come in handy in protecting these riders.  It is easy to find a good motorcycle helmet, however, affording the helmet can be an issue. These days’ helmets come with more features, for example, Bluetooth capability, interchangeable visors, and integrated speakers among many other features. However, the availability of the features does not mean that there are no best helmets under $200 in the market. Therefore, one does not always have to spend a lot of money to acquire best rated motorcycle helmets.

In the recent years, motorcycling has proved to be among the most common leisure activities. However, finding the best motorcycle helmet has been an uphill task since many are the times when the motorcycle riders have a hard time deciding on what to buy. The selection process has turned out to be frustrating since the market is now flooded with all sorts of motorcycle helmets. Well, that should no longer be a problem since we look forward to helping the motorcycle riders have a better understanding of what they might be looking for in a helmet and also introduce them to some of the best models.

Motorcycle Helmets under $200

  • Bell Pitt Boss Helmet
  • Bitwell Gringo Helmet
  • Vega Summit 3.0 Helmet
  • HJC IS-33 Half-face Helmet
  • LS2 Stream Solid Full-face Helmet
  • Bell Qualifier Helmet
  • Bell Custom 500 Helmet
  • LS2 Helmets OF569 Open Face Helmet
  • Bell Pit Boss Half-Face Helmet
  • HJC IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Pitt Boss Helmet

The Bell Pitt boss should be considered as the first choice if you are in need of an open-face helmet. The helmet is simple and classic as well. It tends to portray the rider to be a no-nonsense individual. The helmet’s material is Tri Matrix light and it has a weight that is extremely light. The helmet passes all the DOT set standards. The helmet goes for around $129.


  • Has removable ear covers that help in the reduction of wind noise
  • Operating the visor is easy
  • The lift up is very little even at the speed of 70+ mph
  • Has internal shade that protects one from the sun rays
  • Has a neck curtain that is removable and it helps in riding during the cold weather
  • Has speaker pockets that make it easy for the rider to create a communication system.


  • The visor’s positioning and quality requires some improvement
  • The helmet’s lining cannot be removed.

Bitwell Gringo Helmet

The Bitwell Gringo Helmet is one of the helmets with a finishing that is attractive. The helmet’s shell has a polystyrene that is expanded. The lining can be completely removed and it is sewn by hand. The helmet’s chin pad on the interior is BioFoam with contrast stitching that is hand sewn. Probably this is among the best helmets that fall under $200 since one has the option of customizing with their choice of shade. The helmet has a shield that is rugged for the eye port. With about $159, one can purchase the Bitwell Gringo helmet.


  • Certified by DOT
  • Has an inner lining that is detachable and washable
  • Inner shell has shock absorbing capability
  • Has a look that is vintage, aesthetic, and modern as well


  • The helmet can be noisy
  • It lacks a bubble shield or a flax screen and one has to make a separate purchase.

Vega Summit 3.0 Helmet

Vega Summit 3.0 Helmet is the helmet to look for when looking for a modular helmet that falls under 200 dollars. This is a full face helmet that has the modular option. It is among the best helmets that are in the market today within the price range. It has the decent features that one might be looking for in a modular helmet at a cheap price. Vega is among the top companies in the sale of helmets and the Vega Summit 3.0 Helmet goes for around $169.


  • The helmet fits comfortably
  • Has a visor that is fog free
  • Allows for the installation of a communication system
  • Has a super absorbent fabric in the inner lining
  • One can still wear glasses while using the helmet


  • Requires one to use both hands when converting to half face from full
  • It can be noisy thus one requires to use ear plugs

HJC IS-33 Half-face Helmet

Some people are seen to have little to no liking of the full face helmets despite the fact that the full face companies are designed to be very comfortable. HJC IS-33 Half-face Helmet, therefore, comes in handy for those that do not like full face helmets and it comes at a good price as well. This type of helmet has every feature that is available in the full face helmets and it is comfortable as well. The helmet has an impressive design for motorcycle riders.


  • It fits comfortably
  • Has a face shield that is anti-fog
  • Offers protection from the sun
  • Its interior is removable
  • The helmet is lightweight


  • Does not shield against wind noise
  • Has a design that best suits people with a round head
  • Does not provide the kind of protection provided by full face helmets

LS2 Stream Solid Full-face Helmet

The LS2 Stream Solid Full-face Helmet has been certified by DOT and ECE as well. The helmet has a drop-down sun shield that is built in and all that is available with less than $150. One might consider the helmet to be of low quality due to its low pricing. However, the pricing is a result of the factory pricing that is direct from the manufacturer. It has a light weight shell that is made of alloy polycarbonate that is of high performance proprietary.


  • Has various dynamic vents that have been well positioned
  • Has a variety of size options, design, and colors thus giving the customer the opportunity to choose what they really want
  • Fits comfortably
  • Has a tinted visor that is drop down
  • Made from material that is high quality


  • Its ventilation is average
  • The helmet is noisy and could result to fogging

Bell Qualifier Helmet

For a full face helmet that is standard, the Bell Qualifier Helmet is the helmet to go for. Despite the fact the helmet goes for around $150, it gives the rider a luxurious look. It has well contoured cheek pads thus making it comfortable. The helmet’s visor is quick release and the EPS liner has speaker recesses. The helmet fits very well on every type of head.


  • It is comfortable
  • Has a luxurious look
  • It is light weight
  • It is easy to use
  • Has good features for a low budget helmet
  • Has removable cheek pads
  • Has a visor that is clear
  • Gives ultimate protection
  • Has a shell that is aerodynamic and aggressive thus providing satisfaction and excellent performance to the rider.


  • It is very noisy
  • The helmet only has a DOT rating thus raising safety questions

Bell Custom 500 Helmet

The bell Custom 500 Helmet is among the best open face helmets that are in the market, and luckily for the motorcycle riders the helmet falls under $200. The company is fond of this helmet since it was the first helmet that the company’s founder designed. The helmet comes in different sizes and it fits well as well. Any rider looking for a low budget open face helmet can get the Bell Custom 500 helmet at around $129.


  • Has a design that is old school
  • It is affordable
  • Has a padded chin strap thus making it comfortable and safe
  • Its interior lining is EPS
  • Comes in a variety of colors for the riders to choose from


  • Lacks a face shield thus requiring the rider to purchase a face shield separately
  • It is a bit larger compared to the average size of a helmet

LS2 Helmets OF569 Open Face Helmet

The Ls2 Helmets OF569 Open Face Helmet is among the best helmets to look for when buying an open face helmet. The helmet comes at a low price of about $104 thus making it affordable for riders. The helmet delivers protection that is unparalleled to the riders. This is a helmet that gives the rider a wide field view. It has an adjustable ventilation system thus making it possible for the rider to have control of their ventilation.


  • Ensures that there is a wide field view
  • Has adjustable ventilation
  • Comes in a variety of colors thus the riders have the chance to choose
  • Has a shield that is flip up that providing eye protection
  • It is affordable


  • The sizes are not pleasing
  • The padding is uncomfortable
  • Has a chin strap that is 3-point thus making it snugger fit

Bell Pit Boss Half-Face Helmet

Many are the times when riders require just the perfect half face helmet that is affordable as well. Bell Pit Boss is the helmet to go for. The helmet is selling at around $129 in the market and it comes in a variety of colors as well. It has a shell that is made of quality carbon fiberglass and Kevlar guaranteeing enough protection to the riders. It has an innovative feature of speed dial that helps in providing perfect fit. The helmet has speaker pockets.


  • Certified by DOT
  • Availability of speaker pockets.
  • Has a neck curtain that is removable
  • Shields the rider from sun rays
  • It is comfortable to the riders


  • Its protection is less compared to the kind of protection provided by the Bell Rogue
  • Has a matte finish and it does not hold that well

HJC IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet has proved to be a good option for many riders since it gives a snug fit and it is extremely affordable as well. The helmet is lightweight and that is one of the reasons why riders should go for it. The helmet also has a face shield that is pin lock thus providing sufficient protection to the riders. Pushing a single button released the face shield and chin bar thus making the helmet very efficient and convenient for the riders. The helmet comes in a variety of colors as well. The helmet is available in the market at around $183 thus making it very affordable.


  • Offers high protection
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Has a composite shell that is polycarbonate thus making it safe


  • Morning rides can result to the fogging up of the face shield

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets come in a variety of types and thus riders are required to make a decision regarding the type of helmet to buy. That contributes in making it a challenge for riders to choose since some riders know very little regarding the different types and what they entail. However, the best motorcycle helmets under $200 fall in all types thus ensuring that each type has a number of affordable helmets for the riders. The article gives a brief review of the six different types of motorcycle helmets thus giving riders an easy time making the decision regarding the type to look for.

Full-face Helmet

  • Most common helmet in the market
  • Provides sufficient protection keeping visibility and weight into consideration
  • Covers the entire face and head and it only leaves an opening for visibility
  • Despite the fact that they are bulk, they are designed to have as little weight as possible
  • They have a riding experience that is quieter compared to the other types
  • They are appropriately sealed

Three-Quarter Helmet

  • Also referred to as the open face helmet
  • Only covers the head and leaves out the rider’s face
  • The rider has a huge injury risk in case of an accident since their face is exposed, thus making it a bit unsafe compared to the full face helmet
  • Has a huge opening that creates more resistance to wind, and that also results to a lot of neck strain, especially at high speeds

Modular Helmet

  • Has a base that is almost similar to that of a three-quarter helmet
  • Face guard can be flipped up in case the rider wants the face uncovered
  • Considered to be safer compared to the three quarter helmet since it provides protection for the face
  • Works perfectly with eyeglasses thus can help in bringing out that cool look
  • This type of helmet is a bit noisy for the rider

Half Helmet

  • Offers low protection in case of an accident
  • It only covers the head’s top thus it is very risky for riders
  • Most riders choose the half helmet since it is very comfortable and it is also very light in weight
  • The helmet offers a wide visibility range compared to the other types
  • Causes neck strain due to the wind resistance issue
  • Does not protect from rain or wind

Off-Road Helmets

  • Mostly used for sporting activities thus they come in a unique design
  • Weight minimization and the maximizing of ventilation are accounted for in their design
  • Have a sun visor that is long that provides dirt protection for the riders
  • They lack a face shield and thus goggles are used for eye protection
  • At high speeds the sun visor catches wind and that results to neck strains

Dual Sport Helmets

  • Has the best combination of features for riders that ride both off and on the road
  • They provide excellent ventilation for the riders
  • They are a bit uncomfortable for riding on-road since they have more warmth than required
  • They are versatile
  • They are a bit small compared to the common off-road helmets and their dimension is almost similar to that of a full face helmet.

Serious injuries can be experienced when one is riding a motorcycle. Helmets are of different types and the various helmet types are seen to greatly vary from each other. The protection amount that is provided by each of the types is seen to be the huge difference between the helmet types. Most people consider safety to be their main concern when looking for a helmet. However, other factors can still be considered, for example, the riders’ preferences and the user’s riding experience among many other factors.

Advantages of Putting a Helmet

It is shocking that riding a motorcycle without a helmet is legal in some states. It is even worse that some riders in those states still go ahead and ride their motorcycles without having a helmet. A motorcycle helmet should always be considered to be a safety feature that is vital for every rider. The benefits should, therefore, help riders have a better perspective of the helmets rather than consider them to be gadgets that are not necessary.

Head Injuries Reduction

Statistics has shown that over 70 percent of the deadly motorcycle accidents are caused by head injuries. Therefore, one should always use a helmet even when the riding is only for short distances. The accidents do not only cause death, since at times they accidents result to some head injuries that are permanent, and the accident victim’s life completely changes after the accident. Wearing a helmet, however, helps in preventing such cases.

Prevents Against Wind Noise

The riders comfort is greatly improved while wearing a helmet since it helps in reducing the wind noise. The stinging wind is also prevented from hitting the face and eyes as well.

Improves Visibility

Having a helmet whose visor is of high quality greatly helps in the improvement of visibility. The eyes are well protected from dust and other particles, especially when the rider’s speed is high. Wearing a helmet gives the riders some sort of confidence due to the improved visibility and they are not forced to concentrate on their eye protection.

Personality Increase

In the world today, appearances and looks are seen to be important and they play a huge role in an individual’s life. Therefore, having a helmet while riding helps riders in bringing out their type of personality. The helmets come in different designs and types as well thus making it possible for riders to use a helmet that brings out their personality.

Increases convenience

Today helmets come with a lot of features, for example some are Bluetooth enabled and have communication devices and speakers that are built in. Therefore, that makes it possible for riders to listen to their favorite tunes while riding, and it also ensures that a rider can talk on their cell phone as well.

Provides Weather Protection

Helmets have visors that help in preventing the sunrays from affecting the eyes. It also helps in giving warmth to the face during cold weathers. Helmets ensure that water is kept out when it is raining.

Making a decision regarding the many motorcycle helmets under $200 available in the market can be a bit challenging for riders. The different types of helmets all aim at providing protection and safety measures. In turn, it makes it difficult for riders to determine the best rated motorcycle helmets to acquire. Therefore, having a better understanding of the various types of helmets in the market and their features is important. It makes the choosing process easier and convenient since the rider only goes for the helmet they really want and that which suits their needs best.



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